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Five Wins For The Cubs And Wii Bowling Week

Wii bowling update from week #8:
Oh, I can’t wait!
This season,
Oh, it was great.

We are going to the playoffs,
We didn’t suffer—
Any loss..
Deer Path of Huntley is still flying high,
I think we can almost—
Touch the sky.

Naturally, the playoffs don't begin for a few weeks yet
May be we can get a rest
Before what comex next.
We’re the bowling earthquake—
We rumbled so much—
We’re tired,
so maybe we can get a bit of a break,
before our next challenge—
to take.

We’re like the Cubs,
Not scrubs.
2nd place they are,
As of yesterday—
Awesome by far.

Oh, snow—
You must go.
Let the Cubs play,
At Wrigley Field—
Because it is,
Opening Day.

Games, we,
Took three.
Yes, away from Milwaukee.
Today, we steal treasure,
Oh, what pleasure.
From the Pirates,
Robbing them of 1st place,
For the lead,
We’ll give chase.

The Cubs’ 3rd “W”

Wave the W flag,
It’s time to brag.
The Cubs are back,
On the winning track.

A blowout occurred,
The Brewers,
Last night—
They were murdered.

Sorry, Mom—
You don’t get your wish,
A victory bomb—
From the Cubbies,
Smashed into your fridge.

Tonight’s game,
Should be more—
Of the same.
I hope the roof is closed,
So the Brewers—
Will doze.

Tonight’s game is at 7:10,
Yet again.
Shut the roof please,
So from lack of wind,
The Brewers,
Shall fall—
To their knees.

No way,
Is it really sunny—
Not today.
Let it rain,
So the roof,
Will close again.
A win streak,
Is a must—
To leave the Crew,
In our dust.

I Am

I am a girl who loves the Cubs.
I wonder if we’ll win today.
I hear the ball being hit by my bat.
I see myself at Wrigley Field.
I want to be on the team.
I am a girl who loves the Cubs.

I pretend to hit the ball.
I feel the ball as it leaves my bat.
I touch the barrel of my bat.
I worry that I’m not a good baseball player.
I cry because my attempt goes unnoticed.
I am a girl who loves the Cubs.

I understand it’s a marathon season.
I say the Cubs can repeat as champs.
I dream of going to a Cubs game.
I try to imagine I have no limits.
I hope the Cubs win today.
I am a girl who loves the Cubs.

Easter ON April 1st Following a 2-1 Start To The Cubs 2018 Campaign

Here we go again!
It’s a good beginning to the campaign.
Yep, the Cubs won last night,
We only played til after 10,
All right.

No “nearly 2 games”,
We needed to,
Rest our brains.
Seventeen innings was rough,
I’m sure getting out of bed—
For the Cubs players,
Even fans. . .
Was tough.

No fooling,
Yes, I’m drooling.
3rd place,
Yes, the top—
We must chase.
We’re tied for 2nd,
That’s not what—
I meant.

The Brewers must lose,
The Pirates, too-
Time to put on,
Our Easter—
Victory shoes.

March ended cold,
As it came in—
With crazy weather—
I must say,

I’m ready for sun,
Warm weather—
To run.
So Sean and I,
Could have some—
Outdoor fun.
Something we love,
Doing together.

Update From Wii Bowling’s Sixth Week

No time to snooze.
You'll flip when i tell you,
No—this is nothing new.
Yes, we're still in 1st place,
Looks like we’ve run away—
With this race.

We’re now 390 points ahead of McLeansbro
Our lead’s not narrow.
There are only two weeks remaining in regular play,
We live yet another day.

I hope I am going to be needed
Our scores are high,
Nobody can beat it.
. Ultimately, only time will tell if any holes will form of anybody bailing out.
Despite our route.

Just like the Cubs,
We’re flying high;
You know we,
Want to really—
Touch the sky.

What I’d give to be on the team,
Have a shirt, too—
If you know what
I mean.
I hope I can help out,
With the sirt design,
No doubt.

Are You Mad At Me?

Are you mad at me?
For letting you down,
When you needed,
My personality?

When you needed my to bowl?
When my body has other ideas,
And this isn’t something,
I can control?

I should have been there,
In case—
So remaining in 1st place,
The lead we on’t—
Have to chase.

I <3 helping out,
Without a dout.
But when I’m in pain,
It’s energy drain. ☹

Will you need me,
Next Wednesday?
To direct the victory?
Using the standart Resort bowling,
Our scores will go up-scrolling.

Did I upset the balance?
Do I get another chance?
I didn’t know you needed me,
As I didn’t hear you
Mention that,
To me.

Week #5 Wii Bowling News And Spring Allergy Season

Wii bowling update for week #5:
We're still alive--
We remain in the mix.
We're still in 1st place,
Our scores,
Other teams are—
Attempting to chace.

Although we scored a bit low for last week,
We are so far atop the leader board—
Not just by a squeak.
Yes, we are ahead of The Rooster and His Chicks
Not sticks,
from Heritage Woods of Mcleansboro,
we’ve got a bit to go.
Our lead above them is 162 points,
We’re exercising our,
Boiling joints.
Ultimately, we're underdogs like the Loyola Ramblers,
When it comes to competing—
We’re always gamblers.

Hard to catch,
We are—
By far.
For ther teams,
I don’t think,
We’re a match.
The top prize,
We’ll fetch,
After drawing it—
In a sketch.

I hope I’m needed,
This week—
And we use the Resort lanes,
Where good points—
I’m able to squeak.

Try to do so, anyway—
Though my allergies,
Want to play.
I can tell spring is near,
Allergy season is coming—
Early this year.

We’ve had so much rain,
So much water—
From snow melt,
Again and again.
I <3 spring,
Since is means tournament—
Wii bowling.
I want to help out,
Though my allergies—
Make me sneeze,
The day, throughout.

Spring comes tomorrow, 😊
Warm weather,
Not just to borrow.
No wonder my allergies,
Are making me sneeze.
Pollen season,
Made an early appearance,
For some reason.

(no subject)

Used to be springfield, Illinois,
At the Mary Bryant Home for the Blind,
With unwanted noise.
Yes, in someone I went to school with,
She crashed my wedding,
That I didn’t appreciate—
Not this thing,
Strong towards her,
Was my hate.

Such awful food,
None of it—
Really tasted good,
Not like home cooking,
Hard to visit family—
Due to distance,
Even time booking.

Used to be Jacksonville, Illinois,
When I was first married—
Oh, the joys!
Air mattress fun,
A few days’ vacation—
From the Eden Champaign,
Never-ending boredom.

Marriage life,
Yes, it ended with—
Lots of strife.
Nothing I started,
My ex wanted me gone,
Without asking why—
Yes, I departed.

Spending the holidays of late November-December 2016,
Was a dream.
My mom and I cooked together,
We were an awesome team.
I helped with laundry,
Took care of our last puppy.
Her name was Chewie,
How I miss that baby!
We gave her up for adoption,
Because mom and dad—
Moved again.

And, now—
Oh, wow!
I call Deer Path home,
I’m never alone!
I have a wonderful boyfriend,
Our fun together,
Never has an end.

I <3 where I am,
I’m happy as—
A little clam.
Adventures galore,
Wonder If going outside,
Will happen today—
Unlike yesterday,
Today will be wormer,
A few degrees more.

St. Patrick’s Day Party

Music, fun—
Food, dancing—
Will put the blues,
On the run.

I can’t wait for after lunch,
It’ll be a blast—
Of this,
I have a hunch.

I hope this is the best,
I’m doing another duet—
With the DJ,
Please, bestie—
Make this go,
Facebook live—
It’ll be a cut above,
The rest.

I don’t want you to miss it,
I’m looking forward to the fun,
Under the late—
Winter sun.
Whether I stand,
Or sit.

Yes, I’ll help set up—
The best I can,
Isn’t that enough?

Since yesterday,
Was a good—
Basketball day.
Now, spending time with friends,
Is a good way.
As it should,
Be a time to play.

Staying Connected

Technology is great,
But so is seeing others—
Face to face.
Like in the old days,
The nineties ways.

I <3 how my bestie and I,
Don’t let time,
Pass us by.
By being on our computers all day,
When the weather’s nice—
It’s fun to go out,
And play.

Today’s not that day,
It’s a bit chilly—
I must say.
Though the sun’s out,
Winter’s trying to hang on,
That’s no doubt.

Sure we woke up late,
But today—
We have,
No important date.
The bed felt nice,
We didn’t want to move,
Even if we thought twice.

We enjoy talking,
Even listening.
Just being together,
No matter the weather.

I had a story to tell last night,
That made him sqeal—
With delight.
Of the spilled pop,
And the paper towel mop.
Boy, did he laugh,
For an hour—
And a half.
At least,
I thought he’d laugh so hard,
He’d make himself sneeze.
Or cry,
Sending tears—
Out of his eyes.