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Cubs Reach 34 Wins, Rumbling to 1st Place

What a tight NLCS race,
We’re rumbling to 1st place.
What a win last night,
Though the score was
A bit tight!

Wrigley Field,
Couldn’t shield—
The bats from the heat,
The final straw—
A grand slam,
I’m sorry we missed it—
Heard it was neat.

But, what can you do,
When part of the
Cool crew?
Helping Sean DJ—
Out in the yard,
On a warm day.

When the bugs cane,
It was time to go—
As we were both getting,
Eaten so.

Yes, the game was over—
As we tuned to the news,
I hate that we missed,
The grand slam shower.

Today’s game is on NBC Sports Chicago,
Channel 37,
You know.
Another win,
Would be Heaven.

According to www.weather.com,
No rain bomb.
Not today—
Late Friday.

Nearly eighty degrees,
Should help the Cubs—
Pretty please.
Although my allergies,
Are making me

Cubs Win And The Mosquitos Bite Me

Boy, am I itchy!
Even twitch.
Got bit by mosquitos,
They <3 me—
I suppose.

Yes, I was outside,
In the twilight.
Got bit on my left hand,
Legs, too—
Not on my feet—
As I was in shoes.

Though I put on repellent,
After Mom bought it—
I still got bit,
What with it?

I guess they like me,
Regardless of what I do,
This is nothing new.
A bit early, though—
For how many bites
I currently have,
You know?

The Pirates sure got bitten,
By a baseball kitten.
Who was hungry yesterday,
For an afternoon Matinee.

I <3 how we won,
In the Pittsburg sun.
A blow-out,
It was.
2nd place still,
What a thrill!

Twenty-Five Cubs #FlyTheWs On A Fun-Filled And Busy Weekend In Late May 2018


Busy weekend,
A different blend.
Yes, the Cubs won—
Got the job done.

They now are tied for 2nd place,
In the National League
Central race.
I hope we can,
Keep up the pace.

The smile on my face,
Lasted all day—
I watched yesterdays game,
In more than
One place.

Celebrated a friends birthday,
In a cool way.
With his family,
My bestie—
And me.

Ate pizza, chips, and even—
Drank Pepsi.
On a chilly day,
Watching the Cubs play.

After a busy Saturday,
Participating in a 5K.
Sean, I wish you went,
It was time
Well spent.
Yes, I went in my wheelchair,
A lot of walking,
Was there.

I would do that again,
With my best friend,
As with each other—
The fun doesn’t
Have to end.

Sean, let’s do this next year,
In walking gear.
You can push me—
In my wheelchair,
I hope jackets
We won’t,
Have to wear.

Yes, this weekend was cool,
Rain was constant—
I’m no fool.
I want to see the sun,
Be able to sit outside—
And have some fun.
Walk around the building,
Just hanging out,
With you—
I’d love to do.

Five Wins In A Row +Our Sixteenth W= 1st Place All To Ourselves Again

I don’t know how.
But we pulled out the stops,
My, how 1st place drops!

We’re back on top,
Our winning will—
Never stop.
I want to see another win,
In this summerlike weather,
Let the magic begin!

Sorry I didn’t see much of last night’s game,
No, I didn’t forget about it—
I was at Bible Study,
At that time—
Guess I thought,
Like Sunday—
It would be—
More of the same.

What a good game it was!
Of what I saw in the last 3 ½ innings,
Adding to our winnings.
It took 3 hour,
Not because of shwers.

It took that long,
Because we were singing—
Our victory song.
Tonight is at 7:05,
Our winning is alive.

Here we go again,
But this time—
The game is on,
You guessed it,
Channel 9.
Thank Heaven,
The game is at 7.
Let’s go for six,
Bring out our—
Bat tricks.

I’m wearing one of my lucky shirts,
I can’t play in the dirt.
Uless at Wrigley,
My bestie—
With me.

Twelve Wins In The Books And Pool Tournament Day For Supportive Living Week

Tournament Day For Supportive Living
Take a look,
The Cubs have—
Twelve wins,
In the books.
What a good game!
The Brewers’ bats,
Were put—
To shame.

Our bats,
How hot,
They became!
One-run shutout,
For victory—
No doubt.
The game—
I’m glad,
I did see.

Yes, I was singing,
After the Brewers last out—
Was stinging.
That game ended early,
Hours—just under three.

I hope we win today,
The game is this afternoon—
On NBC Sports Chicago,
By the way.
1:20 is when,
We play.

I hope I can watch the game,
While shooting pool,
Though I’m no fool.
The stick is heavy,
Even for me.
I’ll help close out Supportive Living Week,
While shooting pool;
Watching the Cubs game,
Sneaking a peak.

The sun is red,
The Brewers are blue,
But shutting them out—
Is what the Cubs,
Love to do.