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What do you know?
The Cubs are 3 ½ games out of 1st place,
In the NL Central race.

While we won,
The Brewers could not,
Get the job done.
But we did,
Winning another one.

With another win,
In exciting fashion,
The home runs
Came crashin’

What an exciting way,
To end a Tuesday!
I’m glad there was no rain delay,
At all yesterday.
I <3 the “dong”,
Out of the park,
For a home run—
Didn’t take long.

I’ve seen loud home runs,
But none like this one.
“How long did it take to get out?
The announcer would soon shout.
“Thousand-one. . . gone!”
After the dong!

Good thing we don’t play,
At home today.
Thunderstorms coming,
If you don’t want to get wet—
Better be running.

Don’t hit your head,
Like the ball hit the poll—
Come inside instead.
Tonight’s game on NBC Sports Chicago,
Watching another victory—
Beginning at 6:05,
Is the way to go.

I hope for another dong,
That won’t take long.
Will watch with my bestie,
Remaining dry,
You see.

Cubs Win And The Mosquitos Bite Me

Boy, am I itchy!
Even twitch.
Got bit by mosquitos,
They <3 me—
I suppose.

Yes, I was outside,
In the twilight.
Got bit on my left hand,
Legs, too—
Not on my feet—
As I was in shoes.

Though I put on repellent,
After Mom bought it—
I still got bit,
What with it?

I guess they like me,
Regardless of what I do,
This is nothing new.
A bit early, though—
For how many bites
I currently have,
You know?

The Pirates sure got bitten,
By a baseball kitten.
Who was hungry yesterday,
For an afternoon Matinee.

I <3 how we won,
In the Pittsburg sun.
A blow-out,
It was.
2nd place still,
What a thrill!

Twenty-Six Wins

Let the celebration begin!
We’ve reach 26 wins.
I wish we were back on top;
However, our climbing—
Will never stop.

I <3 summer,
But hot weather—
Can be a bummer.
My allergies are nuts,
Oh, shucks!

I hope this hot weather means,
The Cubs have
Hitting beans.
The bats were hot,
To trot.

I didn’t se the entire game,
But it wasn’t lame.
I think we’re back,
And won’t cut the Giants
Any slack.

Go, Cubs, Go—
It is so.
We’re on fire,
Being in 1st place,
Is our desire.

Today is summer,
It’s going to be hot—
Though, the calendar shows
It’s still spring,
That means nothing.
The weather disagrees,
Out come the bees.

Today’s game is on FOX,
Out in the heat—
Without socks.
Maybe no shoes,
You choose.

Twenty-Five Cubs #FlyTheWs On A Fun-Filled And Busy Weekend In Late May 2018


Busy weekend,
A different blend.
Yes, the Cubs won—
Got the job done.

They now are tied for 2nd place,
In the National League
Central race.
I hope we can,
Keep up the pace.

The smile on my face,
Lasted all day—
I watched yesterdays game,
In more than
One place.

Celebrated a friends birthday,
In a cool way.
With his family,
My bestie—
And me.

Ate pizza, chips, and even—
Drank Pepsi.
On a chilly day,
Watching the Cubs play.

After a busy Saturday,
Participating in a 5K.
Sean, I wish you went,
It was time
Well spent.
Yes, I went in my wheelchair,
A lot of walking,
Was there.

I would do that again,
With my best friend,
As with each other—
The fun doesn’t
Have to end.

Sean, let’s do this next year,
In walking gear.
You can push me—
In my wheelchair,
I hope jackets
We won’t,
Have to wear.

Yes, this weekend was cool,
Rain was constant—
I’m no fool.
I want to see the sun,
Be able to sit outside—
And have some fun.
Walk around the building,
Just hanging out,
With you—
I’d love to do.

Twenty-Two Wins

Twenty-two wins,
Oh, how my head spins!
Yesterday’s game,
Wasn’t lame.

Atlanta put up a fight,
But, we shed light.
Winning in comeback ways,
To live more days.

I <3 how the game rocked,
Atlanta’s win—
Boy, was it blocked!
Good game, guys,
What a surprise!

Tied for 2nd place,
In the NL Central race.
Another win would be nice,
Let’s shoot for the stars,
Let’s beat them twice.

Tied with the Cardinals,
Same record—
A game back of 1st,
That’s the worst.
I hope they lose,
So we fill their shoes.

Tonight is another game,
Here we go again!
The game is,
Let’s take two,
Of the three—
That counts Mondays make-up game,
How about you?

I’ll be alive,
At 6:35.
Tonight for a win,
Let the game begin!

Yu Darvish returns,
I hope he learns.
That we want our winning streak,
To reach its peak.

“Go, Cubs, Go”
Will be sun—
At the top of my voice,
If we win again—
You know.

19 Wins

I have a good reason to grin,
The Cubs reached
Nineteen wins.
I <3 our current streak,
Let’s win again—
To end this week.

Yesterday’s game,
How awesome it was!
Like Monday,
A blow-out—
Just the same.

No game today,
It’s a day off—
To play golf?
Or spend time outside,
For a bike ride?

Tomorrow is game on,
The White Sox—
To our end of town.
Can anyone say,

Let’s kick off the weekend right,
With another winning sight.
That would be,
Such a delight.

Celebrating in the city,
Never sounded this pretty.
Today would be a good day,
No clouds in the way.

Go, Cubs!
Our winning ways,
Haven’t seen the last,
Of days.
A winning we will go,
Ho! Ho!
Just a game out of 1st place,
In this crazy race.

Eighteen Wins

Eighteen wins,
Let the comeback BEGIN!
Last night’s game was crazy,
Though my mind’s a bit hazy.

Didn’t see the entire game,
Not before the fifth inning came.
Bouncing back and forth—
South to north.
Between regular TV,
And the game—
You see.

I hope it doesn’t rain,
Until after the game.
Which is on WGN,
Once again.
Today at 1:20,
I’ll watch it with,
My bestie.

I’d <3 a win,
Let the uphill climb—
Back to 1st place,
In the NL Central race.

Bad weather,
Stay away—
We don’t want you today.
Early storms were rough,
And enough.
Sneezing am I,
As my nose thinks—
It was tickled,
By a feather.

Go, Cubs, Go!
Let’s put on—
Another show.
Sending the Marlins away,
To die another day.

Five Wins In A Row +Our Sixteenth W= 1st Place All To Ourselves Again

I don’t know how.
But we pulled out the stops,
My, how 1st place drops!

We’re back on top,
Our winning will—
Never stop.
I want to see another win,
In this summerlike weather,
Let the magic begin!

Sorry I didn’t see much of last night’s game,
No, I didn’t forget about it—
I was at Bible Study,
At that time—
Guess I thought,
Like Sunday—
It would be—
More of the same.

What a good game it was!
Of what I saw in the last 3 ½ innings,
Adding to our winnings.
It took 3 hour,
Not because of shwers.

It took that long,
Because we were singing—
Our victory song.
Tonight is at 7:05,
Our winning is alive.

Here we go again,
But this time—
The game is on,
You guessed it,
Channel 9.
Thank Heaven,
The game is at 7.
Let’s go for six,
Bring out our—
Bat tricks.

I’m wearing one of my lucky shirts,
I can’t play in the dirt.
Uless at Wrigley,
My bestie—
With me.

Baseball Heaven Because of the Cubs Winning Game

The weekend has come to an end,
With the Cubs—
Winning game #10.
No, it didn’t rain—
It was insane.

I <2 that crazy win,
The Rockies—
Tried to climb,
Their way in.

It didn’t work well,
Due to th—
Victory smell.
“Go, Cuba, Go!”
On to the next show.

No game to play,
Off to Cleveland today.
I hope the weather’s nice,
For our Indian battle,
No, we’re not—
Herding cattle.

Time to play “Cubbies and Indians”,
Can I get a grin?
Time to rock the teepe—
Will we have victory?

For a short two games,
Then home again.
Time for a win—
To make their,
Heads spin.

Finally, There Is A Warming Trend That Better Go In The Favor Of The Cubs This Afternoon

A warming trend,
Looks like winter—
Has finally come,
To an end.
No more snow splinter!

Since the Cubs had trouble,
Because the Rockies
Burst our winning bubble.
We’ll make them sneeze,
By hitting home runs—
Into the trees.

I’d <3 to see a win,
Let spring,
Finally begin.
Sixty degree temperatures—
Makes me sing.

I wish we,
Were already—
Back at Wrigley.
I’d <3 a win today,
To make the Rockies,
Go away.

Only one win they’ll get—
For the comeback—
We’re all set.
Rubber match,
Another win from them—
We’ll snatch.

Rockies, go climb a tree,
So we can be back in 1st place—
When we return to Wrigley.
Do you want me to,
Untie your shoe?
So you fall,
And we blast home runs,
Over the wall?

It’s time for us to win,
Making the Rockies spin.
From ear to ear,
We will grin.

High altitude,
Isn’t crude.
We don’t mean to,
Be rude—
No way, dude.
Victory is ours,
You can—
Hit the showers.