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Twenty-Five Cubs #FlyTheWs On A Fun-Filled And Busy Weekend In Late May 2018


Busy weekend,
A different blend.
Yes, the Cubs won—
Got the job done.

They now are tied for 2nd place,
In the National League
Central race.
I hope we can,
Keep up the pace.

The smile on my face,
Lasted all day—
I watched yesterdays game,
In more than
One place.

Celebrated a friends birthday,
In a cool way.
With his family,
My bestie—
And me.

Ate pizza, chips, and even—
Drank Pepsi.
On a chilly day,
Watching the Cubs play.

After a busy Saturday,
Participating in a 5K.
Sean, I wish you went,
It was time
Well spent.
Yes, I went in my wheelchair,
A lot of walking,
Was there.

I would do that again,
With my best friend,
As with each other—
The fun doesn’t
Have to end.

Sean, let’s do this next year,
In walking gear.
You can push me—
In my wheelchair,
I hope jackets
We won’t,
Have to wear.

Yes, this weekend was cool,
Rain was constant—
I’m no fool.
I want to see the sun,
Be able to sit outside—
And have some fun.
Walk around the building,
Just hanging out,
With you—
I’d love to do.

Fourteen Wins With The First Three Back-To-Back Victories Over the Milwaukee Brewers

Now, back to 2nd place.
That brings a smile—
To my face.
We’re not out of the,
NL Central race

The Cubs ate the Brewers,
Made them losers.
Three days in a row—
Here we go!

A win to day would be nice,
Putting the Crew on ice.
Sending them packing,
We’re not back-tracking.

The game is on NBC Sports Chicago,
By magic of TV—
It’s off to Wrigley Field,
We will go.

In the early race,
I hope we hit—
1st place,
An opportunity to,
Party today.

I’d <2 to see the game,
Good thing—
No rain.
Wouldn’t it be fun,
To go the the game—
Maybe catch,
A home run?

On this warm day,
I’m ready to party—
The Cubs way.
I’m no dummy,
Just a smarty.

Finally, There Is A Warming Trend That Better Go In The Favor Of The Cubs This Afternoon

A warming trend,
Looks like winter—
Has finally come,
To an end.
No more snow splinter!

Since the Cubs had trouble,
Because the Rockies
Burst our winning bubble.
We’ll make them sneeze,
By hitting home runs—
Into the trees.

I’d <3 to see a win,
Let spring,
Finally begin.
Sixty degree temperatures—
Makes me sing.

I wish we,
Were already—
Back at Wrigley.
I’d <3 a win today,
To make the Rockies,
Go away.

Only one win they’ll get—
For the comeback—
We’re all set.
Rubber match,
Another win from them—
We’ll snatch.

Rockies, go climb a tree,
So we can be back in 1st place—
When we return to Wrigley.
Do you want me to,
Untie your shoe?
So you fall,
And we blast home runs,
Over the wall?

It’s time for us to win,
Making the Rockies spin.
From ear to ear,
We will grin.

High altitude,
Isn’t crude.
We don’t mean to,
Be rude—
No way, dude.
Victory is ours,
You can—
Hit the showers.

Our 7th Win—Yes, In The Rain, Cold, And Wind

Miserable weather,
Winds blowing—
Not light,
As a feather.

I was happy with how things ended,
No wonder the game dragged.
Because of the weather,
I’m shocked that game—
Wasn’t suspended.

After being down a ton,
I’m shocked,
We came back and won.
That was a crazy way—
How the stadium rocked.

Atlanta couldn’t keep us down,
Our feet were bound,
To leave the ground.
I’m glad we won,
That victory—
Was so much fun.

Will the same happen today?
I hope there’s no delay.
Two out of three,
Sounds good to me.

On this cloudy day,
Let’s send the—
Braves away.
With a loss for them,
How about a
Win for us, then?

The game is on channel 9,
I hope the weather,
Is fine.
A win would be good,
In the neighborhood.
Doesn’t look like it’ll be sunny,
But another Cubs win—
Would be too funny.

Easter ON April 1st Following a 2-1 Start To The Cubs 2018 Campaign

Here we go again!
It’s a good beginning to the campaign.
Yep, the Cubs won last night,
We only played til after 10,
All right.

No “nearly 2 games”,
We needed to,
Rest our brains.
Seventeen innings was rough,
I’m sure getting out of bed—
For the Cubs players,
Even fans. . .
Was tough.

No fooling,
Yes, I’m drooling.
3rd place,
Yes, the top—
We must chase.
We’re tied for 2nd,
That’s not what—
I meant.

The Brewers must lose,
The Pirates, too-
Time to put on,
Our Easter—
Victory shoes.

March ended cold,
As it came in—
With crazy weather—
I must say,

I’m ready for sun,
Warm weather—
To run.
So Sean and I,
Could have some—
Outdoor fun.
Something we love,
Doing together.

It Seems So Early

Daylight savings time,
It stinks—
Worse than a lime.
I <3 getting full sleep,
But not when super early,
Time to wake up—
Will creep.

It’s good it stays light longer,
The sun’s rays—
Are growing stronger.
On the Northern Hemisphere,
Spring’s definitely here.

I <3 going for walks,
When the weather’s nice,
To do that—
I don’t have to,
Think twice.

Any day,
Is a good day.
When I’m with my bestie,
Him and me.

Today’s a,
Very sunny day.
I <3 the weather,
Let’s enjoy,
It together.

According to www.weather.com,
No snow bomb.
It’s supposed to be in the forties.
Warmer weather?
Yes, please. 😊

Hug Me

Will you hug me,
When I’m unhappy? ☹
When I’m sad,
Or glad? 😊

Will you hug me,
When things ar crazy?
When you say,
You <3 and need me?

I <3 you so much,
Your gentle touch.
Nothing makes my day,
Then hearing you say—
“I love you”,
Because I know you do.

When the snow melts away,
We can go out and play.
Embracing one another—
In warm weather.

The snow’s disappearing,
Birds are singing—
Come play,
It’s a nice day!

Will you hug me,
When we’re having—
A dance party?
With our friends tonight,
Underneath the 2nd floor light?

Bad Weather

Here we go again,
Will this ever—
Come to an end?
More snow today,
Just like it’s never—
Left astray.

We have a lot;
I can tell—
Not just in,
On spot.
I’m sure it’s over a foot—
May better,
Down to the letter.

Snow powl,
Just came through—
What good,
Did that do?
It’s still snowing,
Oh, wow!

Rader is filled in,
The end—
Has no place to begin.
Currently snowing,
According to www.weather.com--
I don’t think the wind,
Is bowling.

Snow is falling,
Wild weather—
Is what I’m calling.
But, you and i—
Together, we fly.

What A Crazy Weekend

A mess,
Didn’t see it coming—
Especially on Saturday—
Explaining to do,
I guess.

Me and Sean,
Tired—we are,
You know what
I mean?

Helped clean up after meals,
Since no servers—
Help to reveal.
You got it,
Like working
Under cover.

I ❤ helping,
But, it was
Very exhausting.
Something’s got to change—
You guessed it, re-arrange.

This morning was crazy,
Plastic silverware—
Like being at a picnic—
In weather, hazy.

Happy Monday,
What’ll happen today?
In a way,
It’s beginning
As Sunday.

Working with you,
I will always do.
In any way,
Any day.

I ❤ being with you,
Even when helping out,
Is what we
Must do;
Making the place run better,
And messes not scatter.

A Cloudy Sunday

Looks like rain,
No wonder my muscles—
Yes, are in pain—
Once again.

Good day to do whatever,
I don’t care—
We can do anything you’d like,
In this crappy weather.

I don’t like being in pain,
My body is telling me—
It’s going to rain.
If it isn’t already,
On my feet—
My balance
Isn’t too steady.

We don’t have to bowl today,
We can watch a movie—
Even more Clone Wars—
That OK?

I haven’t done a thing,
My muscles are hurting.
Stupid weather change,
It’s going to re-arrange.
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