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A Panful Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day,
I’m in a painful way.
My muscles hurt—
My shoulders and back,
Even legs—
My body is alert.

I think my body’s telling me,
The exercise class—
That is twice a week,
Is designed for,
The elderly.
Even people with injuries,
Not all disabilities.

I don’t go necessarily because I can do it,
Or the exercises help;
It’s just something to do,
Buy, how it makes me hurt—
Who knew!

I have nothing to do today,
But, what do you,
Want to play?
Loyola plays tonight;
Game’s at 5,
If I remember right?

I’d <3 to see another win, 😊
Not a los—
That wouldn’t be good, ☹
Not for the cause.
Rust and watch TV,
Hope for victory.

Does that sound like a plan,
That you can stand?
I think so,
There goes the Armin Van Buren siren,
It says “Go, Go, Go!”


I hate to be,
A grouch—
You see.
But, right now,
I don’t love,
My body. ☹

Monthly friend,
Go away—
Be gone,
For all days.

I want to be happy,
Enjoying the day—
Making remixes with you,
Is the best way,
You and i
Can play.

For nightly music time with friends,
Where the fun—
Never ends.
Dancing fun,
But, I can’t do that—
Not right now,
As sidelined—
Is your little one.

Yay For Spring Rain

Well, it was raining!
Now, it’s just cloudy.
Yay for rain! It has completely melted away the remainder of last Thursday’s snow. After all, it’s been warm enough for all the snow to melt away.
Even get washed away by all the rain that we have been having.
This isn’t a good thing, though. It also appears that allergy season is attempting to make an early entrance, as I’m sure all this rain is drawing out pollen—even bugs much earlier than normal. I wonder if this means we’re going to have a bad allergy and mosquito season again this year here in Huntley, Illinois.
I sure hope not.
But, my bestie and I will take rain over the snow any time.
I <3 going out for walks with him when the weather is nice; however, I really don’t know if we are going to be able to do any walking after lunch. Though www.weather.com is saying it’s going to be fifty-three degrees, we’re also supposed to haven throughout the day—before it gets back to feeling like winter again.:(

To Much Rain

Oh, the pain!
My legs ache—
My balance,
Is a-shake.
We’re having,
Too much rain.

I know it’s so early,
For all this rain.
It washed away the snow,
It had to go.

I <3 spring,
Time to go walking.
With my best friend,
The fun never,
Has to end.

While rain waters the earth,
Our wii bowing team—
Is reigning down,
Our 1st place last week—
Though scores,
Seemed to stink.

No other team’s close to us,
Stepping in—
To make the score grow,
I must.
Bestie, I ask—
Tonight’s tournament play,
Is there a spot for me today?

If I play,
Rain outside—
Will evaporate away.
You guys need me,
I’m always there—
You see.


Here we go,
Dumped on—
With snow.
This time,
A few inches more—
Is yet in store.

I’m going nowhere,
Don’t care.
I’m staying in,
Out of that storm.
Bestie, will you,
Keep me warm?

I ❤ you bunches,
No matter when—
We get the munches.

Snow, snow,
Go away—
Don’t return,
On Thursday.
The winds can blow,
But winter,
Just needs to go.

My legs hurt,
Because a storm’s near,
I fear.
My goodness,
My body’s on—
High alert.

Don’t Want To Go To Bed Or Wake Up Alone

When you’re away,
Why do you think
With your plan,
I’m OK?

Do you want me,
To really be—
Sad for weeks—
Almost three?

Are you looking forward,
To being away from me?
When you’re so many miles away
From me?
Being away from you,
Is so hard.

I ❤ you too big,
To even dream
Of being on
A solo gig.

It brings back the past,
The pain that
My ex caused.
What happened before,
Wants to return—
With a blast.

If I go to sleep—
Wake up alone,
It’ll be like when Ron left,
Ran away from home.

We do so much together,
No matter the weather.
I’m lost when you’re away,
Every day,
Feels a slow way.

Cerebral Palsy Pain

Doesn’t matter what I do,
My muscles hurt—
This morning,
Do what they want—
When they want to.

Despite the pain,
I’ve got the best friend—
Who cares for me,
Again and again—
His love for me
Will never end.

Unconditional love,
Doesn’t come
With a shove.
Sean loves me as I am,
Being with me—
Makes him
Happy as a clam.

We’ve been together for nearly 16 months,
I ❤ him a bunch.
Wouldn’t leave him at all,
Hope he doesn’t leave me,
When hurt muscles—
Come to call.

Callas Pain

Not again,
I’m tired of
This callas pain.
Especially when I walk,
Hurts to put my toe down—
On the right foot,
To boot.

But, I do anything with you,
Even in an hour—
Or two.

I ❤ hanging with you,
Playing our baseball game—
When there’s not much else,
To do.

I’m glad the Cubs won,
But I don’t know the standings—
Because the Cubs’ website;
Unfortunately is still down.

The sun’s out,
Do you want to go—
Walking about?
Or do you want to play our baseball game,
Pretending we’re at the ball park—
During the day,
Not in the dark?

Hard To Deal With

I know the divorce is final,
Pretty much—
But getting over what I’ve
Been through;
Well, it’s taking a while.

Special holidays—
Like birthdays,
Bring back the pain—
Like the falling rain.

But, you—
You’re my glue.
You help me always,
Even on difficult days.

I love you for that—
Because you wear
Many a-hat.
You hold me when I’m sad,
Even when things
Seem bad.

I love you
for all you do,
you’re the one
in bad times—
I run to.

Today’s not an easy day,
Not since our friend
Passed away.
Memorial service soon,
Before noon.
I’ll be downstairs—
Yes, soon.