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Boy, it’s warm!
Looks like time,
Yes, for thunderstorms.
Guess today,
I should
Stay indoors.

Right now,
It’s cloudy—
The sun,
It doesn’t
Want to show.

I love spring,
I hope it
Doesn’t start snowing.
Winter should,
Be going.

Not very hard,
Is the wind blowing;
However, dark skies—
Are growing.

It’s only after noon,
For Cubby’s sake,
We have a game in a bit—
Will we get it in,\?
Not have to re-do,
Because of the storm shake?

Braves are in town,
I hope no thunder boomers,
Shake the ground.
Until the game is done—
We should be able,
To get in this one.

I Am

I am a girl who loves the Cubs.
I wonder if we’ll win today.
I hear the ball being hit by my bat.
I see myself at Wrigley Field.
I want to be on the team.
I am a girl who loves the Cubs.

I pretend to hit the ball.
I feel the ball as it leaves my bat.
I touch the barrel of my bat.
I worry that I’m not a good baseball player.
I cry because my attempt goes unnoticed.
I am a girl who loves the Cubs.

I understand it’s a marathon season.
I say the Cubs can repeat as champs.
I dream of going to a Cubs game.
I try to imagine I have no limits.
I hope the Cubs win today.
I am a girl who loves the Cubs.

Snowed In

Snowed in,
How can I begin?
It’s still coming down,
Blanketing the ground.

No path to be found,
On the ground.
Trouble plowing,
The crews are—
As it’s still snowing.

Nothing to do today,
Other then wish,
This beeping—
Loud beeping—
Would go away.

Watch the Olympics—
On TV,
Just my bestie—
And me.
While watching the snow stick,
With piles and drifts thick.

No place to go,
I’ll just watch—
The falling snow.
Snow before Valentine’s Day,
I wish it to go away.

Multiple Storms=A Blizzard Anyway

Multiple winter storms,
Means I have to
Keep warm.
What else,
Can I do?

Too much snow,
Making the winds blow.
Bring on warmth,
No more storms.
Snow, snow,
Go away—
You better not,
Return another day.

Will you keep me warm,
In this current storm?
No way,
Do I want to,
Go out today.

Even if I had to,
I’d stay with you.
Keeping you safe,
In our cave.

No outside for us,
That I can
Make no fuss.

What do you want to do?
Watch a Dash Berlin video—
On the big TV,
You and me?
Watch another Clone Wars,

Right now, it’s sunny,
Though I don’t think it’ll last—
Don’t see any clouds,
Coming so fast.
The next snow,
Wants to race here,
Like a bunny.

Just before Valentine’s Day,
This bad weather,
Must vanish away.
It can get warm,
Not another
Winter storm.



We have to get ready,
Ever so steady.
For tomorrow’s party—
To top the charty.

I ❤ the costume I came up with,
From a new outfit.
Won’t say what it is,
You’ll only have to guess.

I ❤ October,
Fall is seen
All over.
Cold weather I don’t like,
Wish it would
Take a hike.

Got to get our tunes in place,
For tomorrow’s party—
To put a smile,
On every face.

How Time Flies!

My mind is blown,
How time has flown.
Can’t believe it’s been
A year and a half,
Since you crossed
My path.

Eighteen months,
That we’ve been together—
Needless of turbulent weather.
Our love has remained,
Through times
We feel we’ve
Been drained.

Wonder what the future will hold,
I know it’s not in
Our control.
I love you so,
More than you know.

My bestie,
You’ve always
Been there—
For me.

I ❤ you so,
Do you know?
Rain our shine,
Will you forever
Be mine?
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Why Did I Do That?

Why’d I do that?
Switch my dresser with no help—
Now, I’m tired—
Not wired.
When I did this, I didn’t sit,
Stood, then sat.

I should have asked for help,
Rather than doing this
All by myself.
Boy, was it a big job,
In warm weather—
It’d make me sweaty,
Like a blob.

I’m glad it’s done,
Until next year—
For help,
I’ll rember to
Ask someone.

What a mess!
I wanted to get it done,
I guess.
Before it gets too cold,
Try to do for myself,
A move that’s bold.


What a wild game of BINGO,
For a little more than an hour—
Last night,
You know.

I only won one time,
But someone sat on the lucky
Number of mine.

What a crazy game!
So many prizes,
To clame.

I ❤ a wild ride,
Though I could
Only slide.
Only one win,
Next Tuesday—
Guess I’ll have
To try again.

Just like winning in bowling
While listening to Dash Berlin,
I could go for another
BINGO spin.

What fun I had,
Only one win
Isn’t bad.
But, I’m after the big prize—
At the end of a month,
Got to win more,
This, I realize.
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What Did I Do Wrong To Deserve Getting Yelled At?

What did I do wrong,
All day long?
To get yelled at,
Last night—
Did I deserve that?
I mean, do you really want me out of the way,
Out of your sight?

Last night, you wanted me out,
I must be a bother,
No doubt.
What did I do to make you mad?
That made me sad.

Do you ❤ me?
Or out of your sight
Should I be?
Last night, you wanted me out,
Didn’t care what I was sad about.

You said,
“there’s the door.
Go play your game,
I don’t care anymore.”

Do you want me away,
As Ron did?
That one day.
In his own way,
To me he bid.

I thought I was your best friend?
And you wouldn’t stop caring for me,
You love me to the end?
You want me gone,
Like up a tree.

No baseball today,
What do you
Want to play?
Maybe, get that program,
And begin putting our remix together?
Sound like a plan?

You Light Up My Life

I ❤ my incredible boyfriend, as he makes my so happy. Nothing’s more amazing than spending each day with my incredible boyfriend in the universe. Ultimately, last night was a wonderful adventure that I wish we’d taken a picture of our dancing adventure before BINGO.
We discovered that we could dance with one another without any problems whatsoever. It was a lot of fun—an adventure worth spending time with Sean. This is something I think we’re going to attempt to do daily. Nevertheless, it was like a form of physical therapy for me—working my legs a bit.
BINGO folled our little dance fest. You may say that we ended up cleaning house. We’ve never won so many games of BINGO before together. I’m the one that usually wins, and Sean has a hard time getting the correct numbers that he needs to be victorious; however, we won three games between both of us last night.