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Cubs Reach 34 Wins, Rumbling to 1st Place

What a tight NLCS race,
We’re rumbling to 1st place.
What a win last night,
Though the score was
A bit tight!

Wrigley Field,
Couldn’t shield—
The bats from the heat,
The final straw—
A grand slam,
I’m sorry we missed it—
Heard it was neat.

But, what can you do,
When part of the
Cool crew?
Helping Sean DJ—
Out in the yard,
On a warm day.

When the bugs cane,
It was time to go—
As we were both getting,
Eaten so.

Yes, the game was over—
As we tuned to the news,
I hate that we missed,
The grand slam shower.

Today’s game is on NBC Sports Chicago,
Channel 37,
You know.
Another win,
Would be Heaven.

According to www.weather.com,
No rain bomb.
Not today—
Late Friday.

Nearly eighty degrees,
Should help the Cubs—
Pretty please.
Although my allergies,
Are making me

Twenty-Six Wins

Let the celebration begin!
We’ve reach 26 wins.
I wish we were back on top;
However, our climbing—
Will never stop.

I <3 summer,
But hot weather—
Can be a bummer.
My allergies are nuts,
Oh, shucks!

I hope this hot weather means,
The Cubs have
Hitting beans.
The bats were hot,
To trot.

I didn’t se the entire game,
But it wasn’t lame.
I think we’re back,
And won’t cut the Giants
Any slack.

Go, Cubs, Go—
It is so.
We’re on fire,
Being in 1st place,
Is our desire.

Today is summer,
It’s going to be hot—
Though, the calendar shows
It’s still spring,
That means nothing.
The weather disagrees,
Out come the bees.

Today’s game is on FOX,
Out in the heat—
Without socks.
Maybe no shoes,
You choose.

Twenty-One #FlyTheW Victories

Going for the sweep,
I don’t think—
I’ll sleep.
Not after yesterday’s crazy game,
I hope today’s
More of the same.

Minus the rain delay,
That measured 2 hours and 15 minutes,
Part of yesterday.
But, we won anyway—
That’s all I can say.

I’d <3 another win,
That would make
My head spin.
No bad weather today,
The thunderstorms
Must stay away.

Though it was cool,
Once again,
Our bats came to play—
And we took the Sox
To school.

Bring out the broom,
This will clear
Any room.
A win today is a must,
The Sox are dust.

1st place, here we come,
A part of the top—
We want some.
Get the game in,
Before the rain—
Attempts to hinder,
Another win.

Yes, it looks lousy,
But the fans—
Will be rowdy.
Since we’re red hot,
And the Sox,
How to play baseball,
They forgot.

19 Wins

I have a good reason to grin,
The Cubs reached
Nineteen wins.
I <3 our current streak,
Let’s win again—
To end this week.

Yesterday’s game,
How awesome it was!
Like Monday,
A blow-out—
Just the same.

No game today,
It’s a day off—
To play golf?
Or spend time outside,
For a bike ride?

Tomorrow is game on,
The White Sox—
To our end of town.
Can anyone say,

Let’s kick off the weekend right,
With another winning sight.
That would be,
Such a delight.

Celebrating in the city,
Never sounded this pretty.
Today would be a good day,
No clouds in the way.

Go, Cubs!
Our winning ways,
Haven’t seen the last,
Of days.
A winning we will go,
Ho! Ho!
Just a game out of 1st place,
In this crazy race.

Eighteen Wins

Eighteen wins,
Let the comeback BEGIN!
Last night’s game was crazy,
Though my mind’s a bit hazy.

Didn’t see the entire game,
Not before the fifth inning came.
Bouncing back and forth—
South to north.
Between regular TV,
And the game—
You see.

I hope it doesn’t rain,
Until after the game.
Which is on WGN,
Once again.
Today at 1:20,
I’ll watch it with,
My bestie.

I’d <3 a win,
Let the uphill climb—
Back to 1st place,
In the NL Central race.

Bad weather,
Stay away—
We don’t want you today.
Early storms were rough,
And enough.
Sneezing am I,
As my nose thinks—
It was tickled,
By a feather.

Go, Cubs, Go!
Let’s put on—
Another show.
Sending the Marlins away,
To die another day.

(no subject)

What a night for baseball,
A blowout—
What happened—
Is what I’d call.

Sorry I missed much of it,
No weather problems—
Tried to pinch hit.
The game went without fail,
From this mess-
The Marlins,
Couldn’t bail.

Welcome to May,
I hope we’re
On our way.
I’d <3 another win,
Let the game begin!

If I recall hearing right,
The 2nd game in the series,
Is tonight.
It’ll be a breeze,
If you please.
It’s at 7:05,
We’ll be alive.
Oh, what heaven!
I can’t forget—
The game’s on NBC SportsNet.
You guessed it,
That’s channel 37.

Another win would be nice,
I’d like to say it twice.
All of Chicago,
Thinks it’s so.

Five Wins In A Row +Our Sixteenth W= 1st Place All To Ourselves Again

I don’t know how.
But we pulled out the stops,
My, how 1st place drops!

We’re back on top,
Our winning will—
Never stop.
I want to see another win,
In this summerlike weather,
Let the magic begin!

Sorry I didn’t see much of last night’s game,
No, I didn’t forget about it—
I was at Bible Study,
At that time—
Guess I thought,
Like Sunday—
It would be—
More of the same.

What a good game it was!
Of what I saw in the last 3 ½ innings,
Adding to our winnings.
It took 3 hour,
Not because of shwers.

It took that long,
Because we were singing—
Our victory song.
Tonight is at 7:05,
Our winning is alive.

Here we go again,
But this time—
The game is on,
You guessed it,
Channel 9.
Thank Heaven,
The game is at 7.
Let’s go for six,
Bring out our—
Bat tricks.

I’m wearing one of my lucky shirts,
I can’t play in the dirt.
Uless at Wrigley,
My bestie—
With me.

A Four-Game Sweep Of The Brewers With Our 15th Win

In this crazy race,
We’re still in 2nd place.
Only ½ game out of first,
This could be worse.

We swept the “Crew”,
As we intended,
To do—
Off the ground,
And out of town.

What a game from yesterday,
I hope for more,
Of the same today
Through I don’t know,
Why the early show.

Tonight’s game is at 6:05,
And hour earlier than usual—
I wonder if bad weather is to arrive.
Getting the game in early,
Could that be the rule?

No bad weather today,
According to www.weather.com-
Is on the way.
So I don’t know why—
The early start today.

I do know,
NBC SportsNet—
Calls the show.
Throwing the Rockies,
Will be a breeze.

Since we got out the broom,
From the Brewers’ doom.
Beating them was—
Ah, a piece of cake,
Now, time for a Rockie

Fourteen Wins With The First Three Back-To-Back Victories Over the Milwaukee Brewers

Now, back to 2nd place.
That brings a smile—
To my face.
We’re not out of the,
NL Central race

The Cubs ate the Brewers,
Made them losers.
Three days in a row—
Here we go!

A win to day would be nice,
Putting the Crew on ice.
Sending them packing,
We’re not back-tracking.

The game is on NBC Sports Chicago,
By magic of TV—
It’s off to Wrigley Field,
We will go.

In the early race,
I hope we hit—
1st place,
An opportunity to,
Party today.

I’d <2 to see the game,
Good thing—
No rain.
Wouldn’t it be fun,
To go the the game—
Maybe catch,
A home run?

On this warm day,
I’m ready to party—
The Cubs way.
I’m no dummy,
Just a smarty.

13 Wins In The Bag

Thirteen wins in the bag,
Yesterday’s game—
Not a drag.
Like Thursday,
Almost the same.

I <3 how we won,
We got the job done.
Today’s game is at 1:20,
Temperatures are,
Nowhere near seventy.

It’s a beautiful day,
For a game play.
I hope we win,
Once again.
The game’s on ABC 7 Chicago,
I hope we don’t,
Start slow.

You know,
We’ll be singing—
“Go, Cubs, Go”!
Because of a win,
Let the game begin!

No, I’m in Cubs gear,
It was moved to another dresser—
When fall got here,
To be used again next year.
Well, next year is now,
And I’ll have to
Switch clothes somehow.