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Losing An Hour Of Sleep

No, I don’t want,
To lose an hour
Of spleep.

I <3 cuddling,
With my best friend,
Nothing beaths—
Our time snuggling.

Confusion will hit,
Once time goes ahead,
One bit.
Tired we’ll feel,
The next day—
How does that not seem,
Yet real?

I wonder, though—
If off our routines,
This will throw.
Me and Sean,
Our eight hours,
Will be gone.

I’m happy it’s nearly spring, 😊
Outside, I can go walking.
Wit my bestie,
Him and me.
What do you say?
I wouldn’t have it,
Any other way.

Wii Bowling Rulers Of The Land

I don’t get it,
Please help me understand—
Just how can we still be,
Rulers of Wii Bowling Land.?

I <3 it,
From where I sit.
Looked at the scores,
On the teams behind us—
We’ve slammed the doors.

Wouldn’t it be,
A sight to see?
If a perfect game commense?
We’re not on,
The fence.

Now, I wish I was on the team,
Seeing that,
Would make anyone scream.
Did that perfect score,
Drop from a hat?

I hope my help’s needed,
May a 300 will proceed it.
I know it won’t be me,
I’ve never gotten that high,
You see.
That score,
Not a chore—
Can reach,
The sky.

Day After The Big Celebration

I <3 parties,
I’m a smarty.
Food and fun,
Until next year—
It’s done.
A packed car,
Went to Chilli’s,
By far.
Mom and 3 of us,
It was a must.
To celebrate,
So close—
To the date.
What joy,
A blast—
Happiness to deploy!
Would I do this again?
I <3 good friends.
Yes, I would,
Over again—
If I could.
My dad missed out,
Surprised he didn’t want to come—
To see what the farts,
Were about.
Sean and Dave,
Thre of us amigos—
Were on parade.
Bringing down the house,
From this mouse.
Stuffed bellies after,
Even with lots,
Of laughter.
Farts blew,
Beause of a giggle—
Maybe two.


Volunteer Recognition Time

Volunteer recognition time,
What a mountain—
To climb!
Residents getting acknowledged,
This afternoon—
To help out,
I’ve pledged.

With my bestie by my side,
What a ride!
No matter what the need,
I’ll help wherever,
Yes, indeed.

Helping makes me,
Very happy. 😊
Because I do what I love.
Helping out,
Fits like a glove.

What a way to end the week,
Fun things in store—
Yes, for me,
Next wek.

I’d like to make a music remix,
With you—
Just for kicks.
Can we do it?
For our 2nd floor evening parties,
Where with friends,
We visit?

Then, we’d have “happy hour” events,
Wrapped up,
Ready to go—
Not at the,
Last moment.

I need you,
It’s true.
We can work together,
Needless of weather.

Our love grows at all times,
It’s true—
I have to,
Keep you,
In line.

Little Me

I may be little,
But I don’t sit back,
Being lazy—
My thumbs twittle.

I enjoy being busy,
Though I may make—
Others dizzy.
By being here and there—
I’m everywhere.

I <3 being with my bestie,
Wouldn’t it be fun—
If we make a music remix?
You and me?

I think we’d enjoy ourselves, 😊
Having a blast—
Like what we felt,
In our past.

I <3 anything with you,
Of course I do.
Wouldn’t have it any other way,
On a chilly Saturday.

Though I feel lousy,
Maybe a bit drowsy.
Sorry I feel crappy,
Will you keep me—
Very happy?

I wonder—
Do you <3 me,
When I feel crappy?
Will you be mine,
During crampy time?

Through good times,
That can be shockers—
Please, be mine.
Good thing we’ve got nothing going,
These cramps,
Are fun-blockers.

What would you do,
Because I am feeling blue?
On this cloudy Saturday—
Music do you want to play?

How much do you <3 me?
When pain is what you see?
Sorry I woke you up,
Super early—
This morning,
Around 3. ☹
Didn’t mean to do that,
But, I had to go,
To the bathroom—
Super bad.

The Busted Stove

Living at the condo was crazy. We’d lived there since I was 2. There were times my mom didn’t know what to do.
My brother was a picky eater, so it was tough to please his pallet.
One day, Mom had to work late.
“You can heat up frozen pizza for the kids,” was what my mom said. “I’ll be back late. She told us to be good, then told Dad not to burn the place down.
From the living room, I was watching TV. My dad said “Dinner will be in forty minutes”.
“OK,” was my reply.
I went back to watching TV while my dad made dinner. I could hear him preheating the oven. Afterwards, he came to see what I was up to.
Back in the kitchen went Dad to put the pizza in the oven. Once I heard the oven door shut, I heard him setting the timer for the pizza’s cooking. “It’ll be a half hour,” he told me.
“OK, Dad”, I answered.
A few minutes went by, and I heard. . .
Dad checked the stove to find out why the pizza wasn’t cooking as it should.
“Is something wrong?” I asked, coming around the corner.
“It won’t be much longer,” he said. “Go back and watch TV.”
Minutes dragged.
Still no pizza smell.
Eventually Daddy had to call 9-1-1.
Within about 4 minutes or less, the fire department arrived.
One man asked Dad what the problem was, and he explained about how the oven wasn’t working correctly when he was trying to cook a frozen pizza for us.
The other guy stayed with me.
He asked me what my name was.
“Nico”, I answered. He could tell I was scared.
“we’re trying to figure out what’s wrong, so you guys can have dinner, “ he told me.

Later on, I heard the firefighters tell dad that it was a good thing he had a fire extinguisher. The small fire was just contained to the kitchen. We’re so lucky that it didn’t spread to the living room, where I happened to be watching TV during the time my dad was attempting to heat up dinner for the three of us.
“How old is the stove?” the firefighters asked my dad.
“We moved in to the condo in 1986, and the stove has been here since we moved in.
“The stove is old, and it’s seen it’s last days,” replied one officer.
“Your stove is old”, the firefighters said to my dad. “We recommend that you buy a new one.
I don’t remember what we ended up doing for dinner that night after the firemen left.
Dad told Mom what hat happened.
We ate microwave dinners the next night.
At least once, Dad went across the street to the tavern and returned with burgers and fries for us.

That weekend, we ended up buying a new stove. Back then, I think we bought our appliances from Montgomrey Wards (Monkey Wards, as Mom called it).
A gas stove did the trick.
I remember one day, I helped Mom make potatoes.
I sat at the sink to peel and wash potatoes and green beans, then shift them over into a pot on the stove—all while siting in a dining room chair.

Pool Tournament Day

Pool tournament,
Today after lunch—
Time well spent.
On this cloudy day,
Where the snow—
Seems to,
Come and play.

Wal-Mart gift cards,
Are the prize for the winner,
I wonder if I can,
Go the yards.

Will you help me,
So I can see?
To know what ball to hit?
That’s about it.

I’ll do this with you,
My bestie—
Inour little zoo.
Winners we’ll be,
You and me.

I’d ❤ to win,
Let the tourney—
Finding victory,
Is so the journey.

Tuesday Night’s Dance

I’m glad I had the chance,
With Sean,
To dance.
Tuesday night after bowling,
While the music kept rolling.

I ❤ how Sean didn’t let me fall,
“Let go of your crutches,
I got you”
Was his call.

I wish others could’ve seen,
How we’ve been.
I remember it like last night,
In the moon’s light.

Yes, that was fun,
Want to do it again?
That would make me happy,
A ton.

I hope to dance again,
With you—
My best friend.
More dancing?
Yes, that woube be
A dream.
Dream come true,
Because I get to
Boogie with you.

Family Night

Today’s a special day!
Not the same old

I ❤ new adventures,
That’s for sure.
Even with fun things,
That makes
My heart sing.

The food smell woke me,
Out of a sound sleep.
Woke Sean, too—
Anything’s more fun
With you.

New adventure,
That’s for sure.
I’m looking forward,
To playing music—
To entertain everyone;
It’s true.

It’s family night,
Here at Deer Path,
It should be a cool sight.
With a clear sky,
To watch fireflies.

The pitter-patter,
And clatter.
Of puppy feet,
Will be so neat.

I can’t wait till tonight,
Eating dinner
In the twilight.
I can’t wait,
I’ve saved the date.

Music from me and Sean,
To bring the party on.
Dancing will happen,
To work off dinner
Prepared by
The kitchen

Out To Eat

It’s so neat,
When we get to
Go out to eat.
Steak ‘n’ Shake twice,
How nice!

My mom’s the best,
Knows how to make things fun—
Even on a day,
When she’d usually rest.

What fun,
We had
With some sun.
On a cold day,
With wind
That nearly blew
Me and Sean away.

After a busy week,
Let’s take a peek.
With our bellies,
Jiggling like jelly.

I ate a garlic double steakburger,
Yes, fries, too—
How about you?
Really made me stuffed,
I’d had
More than enough.

Now, it’s on to our next place—
Time to make family jealous,
As they chase—
Us to the next stop,
Where our bellies
Will pop.