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St. Patrick’s Day Party

Music, fun—
Food, dancing—
Will put the blues,
On the run.

I can’t wait for after lunch,
It’ll be a blast—
Of this,
I have a hunch.

I hope this is the best,
I’m doing another duet—
With the DJ,
Please, bestie—
Make this go,
Facebook live—
It’ll be a cut above,
The rest.

I don’t want you to miss it,
I’m looking forward to the fun,
Under the late—
Winter sun.
Whether I stand,
Or sit.

Yes, I’ll help set up—
The best I can,
Isn’t that enough?

Since yesterday,
Was a good—
Basketball day.
Now, spending time with friends,
Is a good way.
As it should,
Be a time to play.

The Deer Path General Store Jingle

Welcome to the General Store,
Located on the 3rd floor.
We have snacks, drinks—
And so much more.

We’re open 3 days a week,
What is it you seek?
Movies, snacks,
Come take a peek.

We’re open Monday through Friday,
From 3-4—
Look for the open door.
You can’t miss us,
In the hall way.

Movies to explore,
Necessities to get—
Just come by,
We have items,
You may forget.

Reasonable prices,
How nice!
You may want to visit us—
Many times,
Once or twice.

Day After The Big Celebration

I <3 parties,
I’m a smarty.
Food and fun,
Until next year—
It’s done.
A packed car,
Went to Chilli’s,
By far.
Mom and 3 of us,
It was a must.
To celebrate,
So close—
To the date.
What joy,
A blast—
Happiness to deploy!
Would I do this again?
I <3 good friends.
Yes, I would,
Over again—
If I could.
My dad missed out,
Surprised he didn’t want to come—
To see what the farts,
Were about.
Sean and Dave,
Thre of us amigos—
Were on parade.
Bringing down the house,
From this mouse.
Stuffed bellies after,
Even with lots,
Of laughter.
Farts blew,
Beause of a giggle—
Maybe two.


Most Memorable Birthday

Though my birthday,
Was Friday—
I’m still celebrating,
How exhilarating!

More surprises to come,
Who knows who from!
Out to lunch today,
I can’t wait.
A wondrous,
Lunch date. 😊

My bestie,
And me.
Plus another friend,
The fun’ll never end.

What surprises await me?
I can’t wait to see.
Sean and Dave,
A party wave.

I <3 going out to eat,
Can’t be beat.
Especially when Mom is in town,
Nice weather,
For time together.

After last night,
And the surprise party—
Some friends threw—
For me.
Feeding me sausage pizza
Left and right.

Sorry you missed it, Sean—
I thought you wanted to watch TV,
If you know what I mean.
Thought you wanted to rest—
Until dawn,
When a new day—
Would come along.

Escape From White Castle

No hastle,

We busted loose—
So said our,
Escape from
White Castle.
What a fun time,
All 13 of us,
In line.
I <3 good times with friends,
Doesn’t matter what—
Or where,
When we’re all there,
Forever together—
The fun will,
Never end.
I’d do it again,
With my best friend.
Doesn’t matter where we go,
The comedians,
Will follow us, though.
An early birthday celebration,
Like a food vacation.
I’d <3 nothing more,
Than another adventure—
With you,
In store.

Football Sunday

Super Sunday,
Football runway.
I’m ready,
For game play.

Yes, it’s snowing,
The wind’s blowing.
Good day for junk food,
Hanging with friends—
All is good.

I’d ❤ to win,
Help my bestie—
Be victorious,
In the football pool—
Where we’d better rule.
You got it,
Him and me.

It would be a good night,
While it’s snowing—
And the ground,
Once again—
Is turning white.

I want to see New England crumble,
Or not show up—
To the rumble.
Sean is feeling the same—
Who knows what’ll happen,
During the game?

I hope we win the pool,
Sending everyone else
Back to school.
Wouldn’t that be,
So cool?

I may be dressed in a Bulls shirt,
No football gear—
But, that shouldn’t hurt.
I am nice and warm,
Staying right here.

Out To Eat

It’s so neat,
When we get to
Go out to eat.
Steak ‘n’ Shake twice,
How nice!

My mom’s the best,
Knows how to make things fun—
Even on a day,
When she’d usually rest.

What fun,
We had
With some sun.
On a cold day,
With wind
That nearly blew
Me and Sean away.

After a busy week,
Let’s take a peek.
With our bellies,
Jiggling like jelly.

I ate a garlic double steakburger,
Yes, fries, too—
How about you?
Really made me stuffed,
I’d had
More than enough.

Now, it’s on to our next place—
Time to make family jealous,
As they chase—
Us to the next stop,
Where our bellies
Will pop.