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Wouldn't It Be Cool?

Wouldn’t it be awesome,
To go to a Dash Berlin concert—
Wouldn’t that be fun?
Dreaming about it,
Can’t hurt.

Meeting Dish Berlin would be cool,
Among the equipment—
You’d feel at home,
Because you’re
No fool.

I ❤ seeing you smile,
Wish we could go to
A Dash Berlin concert—
Maybe watch one live,
On youtube—
When the next date arrives.

That would make our year,
Forgetting out
Our disabilities—
And going into,
Party gear.

It would be fun to meet Dash Berlin,
Let the questions begin!
Would would you ask?
You’d probably want to do a gig,
In a venue so big—
A daunting task.

My Ultimate Dream

My ultimate dream,
Is not of eating ice cream.
Rather, it’s one my bestie—
Probably shares
With me.

I wish we could go to a Dash Berlin concert,
Where the audience
Is so alert.
Engaged in the fun,
By how the lights are done.

Like how Dash Berlin is the conductor,
With the orchestra—
Only voices and hands,
Across the lands.

I ❤ watching Dash Berlin videos,
My bestie knows.
Because I ❤ to dance,
Whenever I have
A chance.

Sean, do you share this dream?
I know you wish,
We could go to a concert—
Dancing like
A swimming fish.
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A Crazy Day

I had a dream,
That today—
We play.
Put music on both tablets,
Getting ready for Friday.

I’d ❤ to play,
Our video game—
Once it’s downloaded,

Today, we can put music,
On our tablets—
With you,
I’m going to stick.

I know it’s cloudy right now,
But, the day’s empty—
Spending it, how?
Download our game,
Then put music on the tablets—
In that, no shame.

How’s the download coming along?
Starting it early,
You can’t go wrong.
In the waiting time,
Music we can play—
To pass time away.

I will help put music on the tablets,
You bet.
Gearing up for parties upcoming,
So everyone can dance—
And sing.

My Wish

My wish is that Mom would get—
The right puppy for the family,
I’m looking forward to it—
You bet.

Nothing is more amazing,
Than knowing a puppy’s coming.
“Boss Hoss” is adorable,
I hope he’s the one—
To cuddle.

On a nice day,
To the park to play.
We could walk the puppy,
With Mom’s help,

I can’t wait,
This’ll be great.
Something else to do together,
Train our puppy—
Needless of the weather.

In the meantime,
You’re all mine.
On this rainy day,
Our baseball game—
We shall play.

Damp and windy,
No going outside—
Not me.
I don’t want to get blown away,
Not like we almost did,
The other day.

I wish we could go,
Pick out the puppy, too.
But, Dad’s naming him—
Guess we can’t win.

My Ultimate Dream

My ultimate dream,
Is to forever be with you—
Even be on the wii
Bowling team.

Together, we can accomplish a lot,
Once we secure our
Team spot.
Today’s competition should see greatnesss,
Wii bowling success.

I want today,
To be a start anyway.
A start of things to come—
Even if today has
No sun.

No matter the weather,
We’re two nuts together.
A life with one another,
You care about me—
More than my
Own brother.

So, will you be mine?
Together for all time?
I promise to be yours,
For all time,
Yes, of course.

I want to go all the way—
Together with you,
Not just for a day.
Want to lead our team to victory—
And you and me can
Make history.

History in a relationship with no trouble,
Nothing to
Pop our bubble.
History in wii bowling,
Our tean strolling
To #1,
Because we all like to
Have fun.

Almost A Week After

Still no laughter,
Almost a week after.
A week after the EEG,
And what was
Done to me.

Will I be ever the same again?
To be able to have fun with you
My friend?
Without balance issues,
To frustrate you?

I never meant to scare you,
Last Friday—
To begin the weekend;
That wasn’t the way.

I love you so,
Just want to
Let you know.
I know you don’t want me
Out of your sight,
Day or night.

You have me forever,
I can’t promise I won’t scare you again;
Though, I can try my best—
Because you’re my best friend.

Today’s a sunny day,
Hopefully a good way—
To further recover from the mess,
And overcome the stress.

I don’t want the seizures to begin again,
I definitely remember when—
When I was ten.
That summer was a mess,
Seizures I could describe—
Gave my parents stress.

Those times,
My memory is keen—
The seizures effected,
This face of mine.
Only on the right side,
Like partial tide,
Only hitting the beach
On one side.

Looking back,
On this track—
The seizures were different,
Unnoticeable and unlike
The past;
Like being in another world,
Time going slow,
Not fast.

Leading Up To The EEG, Even Afterwards

Leading up to the EEG,
Visions of it—
I could see.

I had nightmares of it,
Of how I’d be tortured
Where I sit.
Because of all it involved,
Making me feel like
Being in a trapdoor
That didn’t revolve.

In the dream,
You were there—
I’m sorry if I gave a scare.
During the EEG,
When the flashing lights hit me.
And the loud sounds woke me up—
Making my legs jump.

In the dream,
You know what I mean—
I couldn’t scream.
Couldn’t ask for help—
Felt like I was in a trap,
Couldn’t do a thing,
Out of it—
I couldn’t snap.

Just like in last night’s “Scorpion” show,
I felt like I had autism—
And the lights were
A sensory overload,
On top of the heightened sounds,
That were around.

During the EEG,
A seizure obviously hit me.
Affecting my balance,
My strength—
And even scaring your sweetie.

I’m afraid of it happening again,
Don’t want to scare my friend.
I love you too much;
Our time together is such—
A blast,
A trip away
From the past.
I don’t want you to see,
A seizure hit me.
But, I’m sorry if you have—
If you saw my head twich,
Or my eyes flinch.
I’m sorry if you saw movements
You’re not used to,
I won’t scare you.
Let me know if I’m too much—
And you need to leave,
I understand—
I’m a burden on your sleeve.