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How Cerebal Palsy Runs My Life

Not very well can I see,
Don’t have good vision—
To go out,
Not at night.

To help me write,
A speech program on the computer,
Sheds typing light.
Without it, I’m lost,
If I try to type—
In the dark frost.

The elevator problems, I can’t tell—
Can’t see the uneven floor—
Not at all well.
Elevator #2 is bad,
What can I do?

You bet I can hear it bounce,
Like a lion getting ready—
To pounce.
Before its prey,
Has a chance—
To run away.

This is scary,
If you ask me—
I feel like a wimp,
Trying to hide,
From the device that
Makes going to each floor,
Usually a smooth glide..

Before it stops,
You can’t get off,
It must announce.
Yes, I can hear that sound,
Feel it all around.
Oh, joy—
Another broken—
Riding toy.

Today, I smelled burnt rubber,
Not flubber.
“How dare you?” I cried,
My crutch tip got snatched,
Off my crutch,
It became detached.

“Help!” I cried,
Everyone I told the elevator saga to,
Knew I hadn’t lied.
I touched my crutch,
Where the tip was,
I do need it so much.

Going to lunch, I could taste,
Fish that wasn’t—
Going to waste.
I was angry,
But also hungry.
I was walking on eggshells,
On one side—
How dangerous it was!
My friends could tell.

My mom said she’d bring replacements,
Could it wait—
Yes, if I could get a temporary fix,
And I did—
Which sticks.

No longer on eggshells,
Life is swell.
I feel whole,
Though my balance—
Has control.

All four senses heightened,
Because not very well,
Can I see---
I’m sharing this story,
With others around me.
If it happens to you—
On canes, walkers, or crutches—
Tell someone right away,
Is best to do.

Americans With Disabilities Act Mess

What a mess,
The ADA is in danger,
I guess.
My bestie told me,
Since he’d seen the news—
On TV.

Something about changing it—
Doing away with it.
That’s not good,
If lawmakers were in our shoes,
Why we needs it—
Would be understood.

This set of law,
Is a good cause.
It means equality in schools,
That’s the rule.
Accessibility to get around,
Anywhere in town.

Yes, my boyfriend told me,
Last night,
You see.
Inacted in 1990,
It’s easy to see.

No wonder schools were in the wrong,
When I began kindergarten—
I remember being lifted onto the bus,
Because the stairs were—
A mess,

Today is better,
Yes, it’s everywhere.
What will we do,
If the ADA gets the boot?


I hate to be,
A grouch—
You see.
But, right now,
I don’t love,
My body. ☹

Monthly friend,
Go away—
Be gone,
For all days.

I want to be happy,
Enjoying the day—
Making remixes with you,
Is the best way,
You and i
Can play.

For nightly music time with friends,
Where the fun—
Never ends.
Dancing fun,
But, I can’t do that—
Not right now,
As sidelined—
Is your little one.

Too Much Rain

Oh, the pain!
My legs ache—
My balance,
Is a-shake.
We’re having,
Too much rain.

I know it’s so early,
For all this rain.
It washed away the snow,
It had to go.

I <3 spring,
Time to go walking.
With my best friend,
The fun never,
Has to end.

While rain waters the earth,
Our wii bowing team—
Is reigning down,
Our 1st place last week—
Though scores,
Seemed to stink.

No other team’s close to us,
Stepping in—
To make the score grow,
I must.
Bestie, I ask—
Tonight’s tournament play,
Is there a spot for me today?

If I play,
Rain outside—
Will evaporate away.
You guys need me,
I’m always there—
You see.


Here we go,
Dumped on—
With snow.
This time,
A few inches more—
Is yet in store.

I’m going nowhere,
Don’t care.
I’m staying in,
Out of that storm.
Bestie, will you,
Keep me warm?

I ❤ you bunches,
No matter when—
We get the munches.

Snow, snow,
Go away—
Don’t return,
On Thursday.
The winds can blow,
But winter,
Just needs to go.

My legs hurt,
Because a storm’s near,
I fear.
My goodness,
My body’s on—
High alert.

Cerebral Palsy Pain

Doesn’t matter what I do,
My muscles hurt—
This morning,
Do what they want—
When they want to.

Despite the pain,
I’ve got the best friend—
Who cares for me,
Again and again—
His love for me
Will never end.

Unconditional love,
Doesn’t come
With a shove.
Sean loves me as I am,
Being with me—
Makes him
Happy as a clam.

We’ve been together for nearly 16 months,
I ❤ him a bunch.
Wouldn’t leave him at all,
Hope he doesn’t leave me,
When hurt muscles—
Come to call.

Pain In The Legs

I’m not hurting,
From sitting
On the couch.

My legs are aching,
From old braces,
That seem to
Be braking.

Sure, my allergies are firing,
But, I can tell—
My legs are swelling—
And this is so tiring.

I’m not going anywhere,
Just to get trimmed—
Yes, my hair.
Luckily, that’s just in the building,
Outside today,
I don’t want to be going.

I’m going to try to be still,
What a thrill!
Wish this pain would go away,
Never to return—
Not even on another day.

Disabled Ableism

Having cerebral palsy makes my life difficult. Right now, I’m currently dealing with leg pain that’s annoying because my AFOs aren’t fitting like they did when I got them a little more than five years ago. Plus, my crutches are also old and worn—in need of replacing. Until this can happen, I’m trying to not push myself to do too much. When I want to be a help to my boyfriend, there are times I simply just push myself to do it.
I feel like I’m making him more depressed now. I know this month isn’t easy for him, but I feel like I’m letting him down if there’s nothing I can do to make him feel better. I’m in pain, too, due to my braces no longer fitting as they should. Just trying to walk each day hurts my body. Whenever the equipment can get fixed—however that works (I don’t remember how that got done because it’s already been so long since I’ve had to do this), is really exhausting and tough on my tiny frame. I’ll be relieved whenever this happens.