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Finally, There Is A Warming Trend That Better Go In The Favor Of The Cubs This Afternoon

A warming trend,
Looks like winter—
Has finally come,
To an end.
No more snow splinter!

Since the Cubs had trouble,
Because the Rockies
Burst our winning bubble.
We’ll make them sneeze,
By hitting home runs—
Into the trees.

I’d <3 to see a win,
Let spring,
Finally begin.
Sixty degree temperatures—
Makes me sing.

I wish we,
Were already—
Back at Wrigley.
I’d <3 a win today,
To make the Rockies,
Go away.

Only one win they’ll get—
For the comeback—
We’re all set.
Rubber match,
Another win from them—
We’ll snatch.

Rockies, go climb a tree,
So we can be back in 1st place—
When we return to Wrigley.
Do you want me to,
Untie your shoe?
So you fall,
And we blast home runs,
Over the wall?

It’s time for us to win,
Making the Rockies spin.
From ear to ear,
We will grin.

High altitude,
Isn’t crude.
We don’t mean to,
Be rude—
No way, dude.
Victory is ours,
You can—
Hit the showers.

Called Off Again

I don’t know when,
This crazy weather—
Will ever end.
The Cubs game,
Got canceled again.

The game was to begin at 6:05,
And Wrigley Field,
Would’ve come alive.
With cheers to spare,
If we sent home runs—
Out of there.

Against the Cardinals,
Our rivals.
I was hoping for game day,
Not the calling off—
Of play—
Not again today.

If you must know,
It’s thanks—
To the snow.
It’s not supposed to be winter,
Not in April,
This weather,
Is a PILL.

For the 2nd day,
The Cubs won’t play.
Not since Mother Nature,
Is getting her—
Own way.

I hope tomorrow’s better,
With less clouds,
And warmer temperatures.
When we do resume play,
I hope it goes
Our way.
What snow is on the ground,
Better not stay.
What to play,
Because I’m thinking—
Bible study won’t happen,
Not tonight—
Thanks to the weather,

Five Wins For The Cubs And Wii Bowling Week

Wii bowling update from week #8:
Oh, I can’t wait!
This season,
Oh, it was great.

We are going to the playoffs,
We didn’t suffer—
Any loss..
Deer Path of Huntley is still flying high,
I think we can almost—
Touch the sky.

Naturally, the playoffs don't begin for a few weeks yet
May be we can get a rest
Before what comex next.
We’re the bowling earthquake—
We rumbled so much—
We’re tired,
so maybe we can get a bit of a break,
before our next challenge—
to take.

We’re like the Cubs,
Not scrubs.
2nd place they are,
As of yesterday—
Awesome by far.

Oh, snow—
You must go.
Let the Cubs play,
At Wrigley Field—
Because it is,
Opening Day.

Games, we,
Took three.
Yes, away from Milwaukee.
Today, we steal treasure,
Oh, what pleasure.
From the Pirates,
Robbing them of 1st place,
For the lead,
We’ll give chase.

Our 4th "W"

Our 4th “W”,
What a crazy game,
No, it wasn’t lame.

Sorry, Mom, your wish—
Was vanished—
From the home dish.
You attempted to hang on;
Thus, the Cubs are—
Too strong.

Playing indoors,
Was no chore.
We blast runs to the ceiling,
Because we’ve got,
That winning feeling.

OK, so one more day—
This one’s a matinee.

Have you heard?

We’re tied for 3rd,
With the Cardinal birds.
Yuck, that’s no good—
In fact, it’s absurd.

Really, I’m ready—
For a final road win,
Then our home season—
Tomorrow, will begin.

Wrigley North,
The Cubs will come forth.
We’ll be sent packing,
From home runs stacking.
Looks like the Brew Crew,
Is somewhat slacking.
Sean, do you want to see—
Yet another victory.
Today’s broadcast,
In daytime—
On channel 9.
At 1:10,
Here we go again.

1st Win Of The 2018 Season On Easter Weekend

No rhyme or reason,
It was a good beginning—
To the 2018,
Baseball season.

Crumbling the Marlins in half,
On Thursday afternoon—
Boy, did that ball zoom!
The Marlins,
Oh, how they made our head spin!

Beause we lost,
And the Brewers—
Even Pirates won,
Settling for 3rd place,
Sems the tradition.

But, the Cardinals are currently—
Oh, yes,
In a mess.
They have a standing,
That I love to see.

In dead last they are,
By far.
They’re time has come,
And disappeared—
So fast.

Happy Easter to all,
NBC Sorts Chicago—
Takes tonight’s call.
Same time to start—
Yeah, that’s smart.

As it’s in the middle of the Loyola match,
Both games—
How will I watch?
And be able to keep track,
Other than flipping back?

Thankfully, no church today,
Easter service—
Has gone away.
Good Friday is the deal,
Learning of Jesus’ appeal.

Though I’ve heard that story,
Of his Easter glory.
So many times,
You know of—
His love—
By listening,
Between the lines.

Welcome Back To Baseball

Welcome back to baseball,
No wrestling brawl.
Let’s play,
Since today is—
Opening day.

The Cubs did quite well,
In the spring training shell.
Now sounds the opening bell,
Signaling concession stands—
And their yummy smell.

Don’t know why the game’s so early,
Our time—
Haven’t had lunch—
When I’m eating,
The game will be,
Starting already.

I know it’s spring,
Since I’ve been sneezing.
Not because of the smell of the ball,
Not at all.

I’d have it no other way,
Than to cheer on the Cubs—
Later today.
I hope we continue,
Our winning ways—
Victory smells so near—
On this cloudy day.

We play the Marlins,
At 11:30 our time,
Let the “fish fry” begin!
I don’t se why we shouldn’t win,
That would be a good way,
For a new season—
To begin.

The game’s on WGN,
You can tell—
Baseball’s back,
Once again

Sean, do you want to watch it,
On this dreary day day—
Praying for no deficit?
On our end,
Beginning on a winning note—
Yet again?

Spring Training 2018

I can’t wait,
For baseball to—
Get underway.
For watching the Cubs on TV,
I hope I’m not too late.

I <3 how we are winning,
More than losing—
During spring training,
In 1st place in the Cactus League,
Not showing fatigue. 😊

A sign of spring,
March madness—
And the bats’ swing.
Go, Cubs, Go!
This year,
Let’s put on—
An awesome show.

All I need to do,
Buy a Cubs jacket—
Brand new.
The one I have no longer fits,
I’m surprised it,
Doesn’t have
The rips.

The sun’s out today,
At 3:00PM,
The Cubs play.
Not on TV,
Another game—
I won’t,
Get to see.

But, meanwhile—
Something else,
Will make me smile.
Working with Sean,
Getting music for tomorrow—
No time for sorrow.

St. Patrick’s Day party,
I am a smarty.
Am doing a duet with our DJ,
I hope it goes viral,
By the facebook live way.

Magic # Down To 1

One to go,
To clinch the division—
Let’s go.
We won big last night,
What a delight!

One of two things to go,
To clinch the show.
I’d ❤ to see a win,
With a Brewers loss again.

With my bestie,
Another win is
What I’d like to see.

We’re going to win
All the way.
If we don’t win,
I hope the Brewers
Lose again.

Game’s on CSN,
Same time and channel—
Yes, again.
Don’t know the match-up,
But, we’ve got
The winning stuff.

Magic # Down To 2

Our magic number,
Happened because
The Cubs didn’t slumber.
I guess the Cardinals did,
From our score—
They hid.

I ❤ a good game,
But being without you
Because you were far away.

Would’ve been cool,
To sit by the pool.
The misters, that be,
Or under a shade tree.

At the game without you,
Wasn’t what I wanted
To do.
A good day together,
Was what we should have
Had together.

Heard a bunch of cheering,
Not jeering.
From behind me,
What could that be?

Glad the Cubs won,
Unfortunately, I missed a good game,
It wasn’t the least bit lame.
I hope we win today,
Beating the Cardinals---

I’m glad there’s no game this afternoon,
As we have an errand to run,
7:15 tonight,
A victory sounds right.
A win would be nice—
In a row,
We can win twice.

Magic # Change On Flu Shot Day

Yes, today,
That’s what I
Have to say.

Unfortunately, the Cubs lost;
However, at no cost.
The Brewers lost, too—

That’s why the magic # is not 7,
If we won—
That would’ve been heaven.

Tonight, we play Milwaukee,
Sending them up a tree.
On CSN, the game will be—
For us to see.

My mom will be sorry,
About her team—
She’ll need to worry.
Because the Cubs will homer,
Causing the opposition to scurry.

My left shoulder kills,
From getting my flu shot a little bit ago,
What a thrill!
Sore shoulder,
Oh, no.

Need a back and shoulder rub,
On the left side—
From you,
To feel snug.
Yes, with you
Like a bug.
I’m your baby bug,
Under our rug.