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Unexpected Call (And Unknown Wii Bowling Standings)

Wii bowling score,
For week three—
I’m not sure.
It’s not posted,
No one boasted.

Though last week saw monster scores,
We’re still in 1st place—
I’m almost sure.
Why wouldn’t we be—
Considering those scores,
Were something to see?

That happened Wednesday,
The images—
Again play.
Of my ex—
And his rages.
Yes, he tried to call me,
While I was bowling,
You see.
I didn’t pick up the phone,
If I had,
He would want to keep in touch,
No luch—no such.
How can I talk to someone,
When our relationship,
Is done—
And the magic is gone?
Sean, you weren’t there,

When I was upstairs.
And my phone rang,
While in the middle—
Of the game.
I <3 you so much,
It’s true.
He obviously ,
Of the past—
Won’t let go.
Knowing that what happened,
Wasn’t my doing—
Of this, I contend.
Hadn’t heard from him in more than a year,
When I heard the number—
Upon opening my phone,
It was my worst fear.
The call was two days late,
He couldn’t even—
Remember my birthday,
On the exact date.

Day After The Big Celebration

I <3 parties,
I’m a smarty.
Food and fun,
Until next year—
It’s done.
A packed car,
Went to Chilli’s,
By far.
Mom and 3 of us,
It was a must.
To celebrate,
So close—
To the date.
What joy,
A blast—
Happiness to deploy!
Would I do this again?
I <3 good friends.
Yes, I would,
Over again—
If I could.
My dad missed out,
Surprised he didn’t want to come—
To see what the farts,
Were about.
Sean and Dave,
Thre of us amigos—
Were on parade.
Bringing down the house,
From this mouse.
Stuffed bellies after,
Even with lots,
Of laughter.
Farts blew,
Beause of a giggle—
Maybe two.


Most Memorable Birthday

Though my birthday,
Was Friday—
I’m still celebrating,
How exhilarating!

More surprises to come,
Who knows who from!
Out to lunch today,
I can’t wait.
A wondrous,
Lunch date. 😊

My bestie,
And me.
Plus another friend,
The fun’ll never end.

What surprises await me?
I can’t wait to see.
Sean and Dave,
A party wave.

I <3 going out to eat,
Can’t be beat.
Especially when Mom is in town,
Nice weather,
For time together.

After last night,
And the surprise party—
Some friends threw—
For me.
Feeding me sausage pizza
Left and right.

Sorry you missed it, Sean—
I thought you wanted to watch TV,
If you know what I mean.
Thought you wanted to rest—
Until dawn,
When a new day—
Would come along.

Day Before my Birthday

A good way.
Yes, it’s time to play,
Almost my birthday.
I am so happy. 😊
I wonder what,
Is in store—
For me.
What is he up to,
My bestie?
I doubt,
He’ll tell me.
I <3 how he acts innocent,
He’s up to something,
I’m sure—
But I may have to wait,
A day more.

Don’t think it’s a walk outside,
Winter wants,
To collide.
With spring,
Could it be snowing?

Not on my birthday,
No way!
The snow,
It can go.
Spring can arrive—
So new growth,
Can thrive.

I <3 my bestie,
Because he always,
Surprises me.
In many ways,
I wonder what tomorrow will be—
Let’s see if he knows the day.

Dogggie Birthday

No, we didn’t play,
Because it was
A special day.
Comfort dogs,
Yes—hug hogs.

Two of our comfort dog friends,
Had a birthday last week—
At Deer Path,
The party never ends.

Wish my bestie had been there,
The fun—
With me,
To share.

But, he fell asleep,
Not from counting sheep.
Missing the fun,
Under the sun.

I ❤ partying together,
Regardless of the
Crazy weather.
People everywhere—
Came for the fun—
All to share/.

Birthday Day Today!

Wow! Today’s my bestie’s birthday. Happy birthday to my wonderful boyfriend, Sean. I ❤ how I was already able to make his day. Ultimately, I sent him a birthday text. He loved it, and I hope he loves his other surprise.
A noisy one.
I hope today’s a wonderful day for my buddy, especially after he opens up his e-mail birthday surprise. I wouldn’t forget his birthday, even though he hasn’t been wished a Happy Birthday by too many of his his friends and family. I’m glad I remembered, and I hope I can make today an absolutely incredible day for him.

Happy Birthday, Sean

Happy Birthday, Sean,
I hope we can play
All day long.
I ❤ you,
Forever I do.

Though it looks like rain,
I hope you have a good day—
Once again.
Today’s your day,
To celebrate
In any way.

What do you want to do today?
You can have fun—
In any way.

You’re my bestie,
And you make me—
So very happy.
Play music,
Setting up won’t take long—
It goes quick?

Dark clouds are coming,
Is it supposed to rain?
If we go outside,
Inside we’ll be running.

A Memorable Birthday

No cake,
No call from my ex—
Only happy surprises;
For goodness sake.

This year,
With a cheer;
I must say—
I had such a
Memorable birthday.

Sean means so much to me,
It’s plain to see.
I couldn’t ask for anyone—
Who appreciates me,
Under the sun.

I know Sean’s up to mischief,
Hard to believe.
I can tell,
Even if he
Hides it well.

Sean, what am I going to do?
You’re up to something else—
Don’t fool me,
Or I guess I’ll have to,
Tickle it out of you.

Or, throw a snowball
Down your back,
Like a squashed—
Maybe, even smashed ice cube,
Shot through
A toilet paper tube.

From the looks of
Out my window,
There is an icy glow—
From the snow.

But, I’d rather go—
Anywhere with you,
Don’t you know?
Know just how,
Much I
Love you?
Forever and always,
Your surprises—
Make me spin sideways.