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Two Year’s Together (Sorry I’m A Day Late, But I Did Not Forget

I don’t know how.
Two years slipped by,
With the dawning sky.

Yes, Sean,
Where has
The time gone?
You and me,
Together are we.

I can’t believe,
This feat.
What a goal,
That we achieved!

To celebrate two years,
Wii bowling cheers.
Atop the playoff leaderboard,
Is the reward.

After all my calculations,
Even computations—
That took a long duration,
I need a vacation.

What to do today,
On this sunny afternoon—
But win the lip sing contest,
Should i?

If I had a guess,
It’s not a mess.
I bet,
In the playoffs—
We’re still in;
Let the playoff run begin!

I’m glad I found you,
I wish for a chance to go to state—
Yes, with you.
So, we can clean house—
Bring back a trophy,
With help from this mouse.

Here’s to many more years—
Yes, cheers!
Together with you,
Nothing more—
I wouldn’t do.

Staying Connected

Technology is great,
But so is seeing others—
Face to face.
Like in the old days,
The nineties ways.

I <3 how my bestie and I,
Don’t let time,
Pass us by.
By being on our computers all day,
When the weather’s nice—
It’s fun to go out,
And play.

Today’s not that day,
It’s a bit chilly—
I must say.
Though the sun’s out,
Winter’s trying to hang on,
That’s no doubt.

Sure we woke up late,
But today—
We have,
No important date.
The bed felt nice,
We didn’t want to move,
Even if we thought twice.

We enjoy talking,
Even listening.
Just being together,
No matter the weather.

I had a story to tell last night,
That made him sqeal—
With delight.
Of the spilled pop,
And the paper towel mop.
Boy, did he laugh,
For an hour—
And a half.
At least,
I thought he’d laugh so hard,
He’d make himself sneeze.
Or cry,
Sending tears—
Out of his eyes.

Fire Drill Craziness

No laziness,
Today after lunch—
Fire drill craziness.
For me, a headache,
My legs shake.

I <3 how this happens,
In the middle of fun—
Wii bowling with friends.
Getting blinded on three sides,
By super bright lights.
Or deafened by a horn,
Louder than colors adorn.

Am I looking forward to it,
This semi-annual event? ☹
Not me,
Of that—you can bet.

Usually, outside,
Is safe—
Out the drill,
To ride.
But, it’s cold,
For going out—
Not going to scold.

Bestie, I ask of you,
What would you do?
Will you be with me,
Knowing that my legs shaking—
During the loud sound,
You may see?

I don’t want to worry you,
That’s something—
I’d rather not do.
Since we usually try,
To head outside,
Out the drill—
To ride. 😊

Yay For Spring Rain

Well, it was raining!
Now, it’s just cloudy.
Yay for rain! It has completely melted away the remainder of last Thursday’s snow. After all, it’s been warm enough for all the snow to melt away.
Even get washed away by all the rain that we have been having.
This isn’t a good thing, though. It also appears that allergy season is attempting to make an early entrance, as I’m sure all this rain is drawing out pollen—even bugs much earlier than normal. I wonder if this means we’re going to have a bad allergy and mosquito season again this year here in Huntley, Illinois.
I sure hope not.
But, my bestie and I will take rain over the snow any time.
I <3 going out for walks with him when the weather is nice; however, I really don’t know if we are going to be able to do any walking after lunch. Though www.weather.com is saying it’s going to be fifty-three degrees, we’re also supposed to haven throughout the day—before it gets back to feeling like winter again.:(

Being A Part Of A Big Family,

I’m a part of a big family,
The Deer Path community.
Of course, my bestie—
Is the center,
For me.

He’s my joy,
The real McCoy.
The one thing that matters,
Is us being together—
Everything else scatters.
We help one another,
In all weather.

I <3 to make him 😊,
That’s worthwhile.
What can I say?
We’re together—
Every day.

When I’m feeling ☹,
He makes me glad.
Sean, you’re the
Best friend—
I ever had.

A brother, too,
That describes you.
My brother never cared much,
You’re the opposite—
I <3 your hugging and kind touch.

Bad Weather

Here we go again,
Will this ever—
Come to an end?
More snow today,
Just like it’s never—
Left astray.

We have a lot;
I can tell—
Not just in,
On spot.
I’m sure it’s over a foot—
May better,
Down to the letter.

Snow powl,
Just came through—
What good,
Did that do?
It’s still snowing,
Oh, wow!

Rader is filled in,
The end—
Has no place to begin.
Currently snowing,
According to www.weather.com--
I don’t think the wind,
Is bowling.

Snow is falling,
Wild weather—
Is what I’m calling.
But, you and i—
Together, we fly.

Multiple Storms=A Blizzard Anyway

Multiple winter storms,
Means I have to
Keep warm.
What else,
Can I do?

Too much snow,
Making the winds blow.
Bring on warmth,
No more storms.
Snow, snow,
Go away—
You better not,
Return another day.

Will you keep me warm,
In this current storm?
No way,
Do I want to,
Go out today.

Even if I had to,
I’d stay with you.
Keeping you safe,
In our cave.

No outside for us,
That I can
Make no fuss.

What do you want to do?
Watch a Dash Berlin video—
On the big TV,
You and me?
Watch another Clone Wars,

Right now, it’s sunny,
Though I don’t think it’ll last—
Don’t see any clouds,
Coming so fast.
The next snow,
Wants to race here,
Like a bunny.

Just before Valentine’s Day,
This bad weather,
Must vanish away.
It can get warm,
Not another
Winter storm.

My Ex Caused Bad Memories

When my marriage crashed,
I got smashed.
Bad memories, my ex caused—
Making me feel lost.

When my bestie wants to go away,
The bad memories
Come to play.
I don’t know why,
The bad memories—
Come raining
From the sky.

When Bestie goes away,
Over two weeks—
That fels like
An extremely long,
Never-ending day.

A little over 2 weeks away,
From you
Makes me want to say;
I don’t want to
Wake up alone,
At the start
Of each day.

Not being in your arms,
Isn’t on my list—
You, I will really miss.
Miss your hugs,
And gentle kiss.

No way,
Does this feel OK.
To be left behind,
And see the dragging
Of time.

See, when my ex left
Everything was a mess,
I don’t want to go through
That again,
It caused too much stress.

Sean, My Best Friend In The World

I ❤ my best friend,
As he’s always there for me—
Yes, to the end.
Sean is the best—
Challenges always
Put our love
To the test.

Today, we can play—
In any way.
What do you
Want to do today?

I though my ex was my best friend—
Thought he’d be there,
To the end.
I will go with you,
Anywhere and everywhere.

I ❤ doing anything with you,
Like playing our new football game—
For an hour or two.
Or, watch the Cubbies—
Neither sounds lame.

Tuesday Night’s Dance

I’m glad I had the chance,
With Sean,
To dance.
Tuesday night after bowling,
While the music kept rolling.

I ❤ how Sean didn’t let me fall,
“Let go of your crutches,
I got you”
Was his call.

I wish others could’ve seen,
How we’ve been.
I remember it like last night,
In the moon’s light.

Yes, that was fun,
Want to do it again?
That would make me happy,
A ton.

I hope to dance again,
With you—
My best friend.
More dancing?
Yes, that woube be
A dream.
Dream come true,
Because I get to
Boogie with you.