What do you know?
The Cubs are 3 ½ games out of 1st place,
In the NL Central race.

While we won,
The Brewers could not,
Get the job done.
But we did,
Winning another one.

With another win,
In exciting fashion,
The home runs
Came crashin’

What an exciting way,
To end a Tuesday!
I’m glad there was no rain delay,
At all yesterday.
I <3 the “dong”,
Out of the park,
For a home run—
Didn’t take long.

I’ve seen loud home runs,
But none like this one.
“How long did it take to get out?
The announcer would soon shout.
“Thousand-one. . . gone!”
After the dong!

Good thing we don’t play,
At home today.
Thunderstorms coming,
If you don’t want to get wet—
Better be running.

Don’t hit your head,
Like the ball hit the poll—
Come inside instead.
Tonight’s game on NBC Sports Chicago,
Watching another victory—
Beginning at 6:05,
Is the way to go.

I hope for another dong,
That won’t take long.
Will watch with my bestie,
Remaining dry,
You see.

Cubs Win And The Mosquitos Bite Me

Boy, am I itchy!
Even twitch.
Got bit by mosquitos,
They <3 me—
I suppose.

Yes, I was outside,
In the twilight.
Got bit on my left hand,
Legs, too—
Not on my feet—
As I was in shoes.

Though I put on repellent,
After Mom bought it—
I still got bit,
What with it?

I guess they like me,
Regardless of what I do,
This is nothing new.
A bit early, though—
For how many bites
I currently have,
You know?

The Pirates sure got bitten,
By a baseball kitten.
Who was hungry yesterday,
For an afternoon Matinee.

I <3 how we won,
In the Pittsburg sun.
A blow-out,
It was.
2nd place still,
What a thrill!