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Back To 1st Place With 38 Wins

Where do I begin?
Sure, last night—
We won again.
In the NL Central race, we’re taking—
First place.

The Crew gave us a trip,
To their big dip/
Their zoo.
Roof open,
Here we go again.

In extras, we rule,
Took theBrewers
Back to schoo
What a night!
I wish we’d seen,
The etra fight.

A trip to “Wrigley North”,
Had victory—
Come forth.
For the Cubs, yes—
We left a mess.

We’ll clean it up tonight,
Again under the light.
On channel 37—
NBC Sports Chicago heaven.

Let’s not go bust,
Remaining on top
Is a must.
Do you want to see,
Another round
Of victory?

I’s <3 another win,
Here we go—
Once again,
This is now—
Last night was then.

Let’s fly the W,
Can I do that—
With you?
Twice more,
In Milwaukee—
Two more wins,
I see.
Tags: #everybodyin, #everybodyout, #flythew, baseball, cubs, first place, june, monday night, sports, summer, tuesday night, victory, warm weather, wrigley "north"

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