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Sure, the calendar says summer doesn’t officially come until June 21.
It feels like it already, though.
“Go, Cubs, Go!”
Yes, I was singinging last night after Sean and I had heard that the Cubbies managed to accomplish a victory with use of the long grand slam ball. Boy, do I wish we hadn’t missed that. I think we both would’ve fallen over.
Originally, we thought that it was supposed to rain at some point today.
“I don’t think we’ll be able to do music tomorrow,” Sean said. “That’ll just give us more time to put the next music mix together.”
The way the weather is looking may end up changing that plan, as the sun’s totally out this morning, and says we’re not supposed to get rain until late tomorrow night. Ultimately, we’re both going to be thinking that Mother Nature is attempting to fool us. Last night, it looked like it would rain, as it grew cloudy and dark sometime after 7:00; however, I don’t think it ended up raining last night at all.
Good thing there won’t be rain today because the Cubs want to play. I hope that on this summer’s day, we can accomplish another win. If the ball carries like yesterday, I bet that’ll happen.

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