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Once More, No Baseball

Snowflakes fall,
Once more—
No baseball.
I know the calendar says—
“It’s spring, and the month is April,”
But in the air—
There is a chill.

It feels like fall,
Mid to late October,
The seasons are mixed up—
That’s all.
Enough is enough.

Where is the sun?
Where’s the fun?
Why isn’t it warm?
Over the snow,
Any day—
I’ll take a thunderstorm.

Please, Mother Nature,
I need a cure.
My body aches,
Thanks to the weather,
Yes, mistakes.

I am wearing my Cubs shirt,
Was ready to hear—
“Ball in the dirt.”
Alas, says,
Winter today, yes.

Winter weather advisory,
Can it be?
Some accumulation of snow,
Measuring in inches—
Maybe 3.

I want spring,
I don’t ask—
Too much,
Of anything.

I don’t care,
What the forecast says—
Winter’s not done,
I guess.

Tomorrow better be a good day,
For the Cubs to play.
This mess of snow and ice,
Isn’t nice.
It mustn’t stay,
It needs to—
Go away.
Tags: april, baseball, canceled, cubs, home, northern illinois, snow, spring, wednesday, winter, wrigley field

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