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Our 7th Win—Yes, In The Rain, Cold, And Wind

Miserable weather,
Winds blowing—
Not light,
As a feather.

I was happy with how things ended,
No wonder the game dragged.
Because of the weather,
I’m shocked that game—
Wasn’t suspended.

After being down a ton,
I’m shocked,
We came back and won.
That was a crazy way—
How the stadium rocked.

Atlanta couldn’t keep us down,
Our feet were bound,
To leave the ground.
I’m glad we won,
That victory—
Was so much fun.

Will the same happen today?
I hope there’s no delay.
Two out of three,
Sounds good to me.

On this cloudy day,
Let’s send the—
Braves away.
With a loss for them,
How about a
Win for us, then?

The game is on channel 9,
I hope the weather,
Is fine.
A win would be good,
In the neighborhood.
Doesn’t look like it’ll be sunny,
But another Cubs win—
Would be too funny.
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