irishgirl1984 (irishgirl1984) wrote,


My true love,
He fits like a glove.
Is he a gift,
From God?
Of course,
I think he was sent—
From above.

What would I do,
If he and I were apart?
I’d probably cry,

I don’t like when we are apart,
That gives me a broken heart.
We do so much together,
Today’s supposed to be warm—
Let’s go outside,
Maybe go for a walk—
For a bit,
And enjoy the weather.

Hard to see,
We’ve been together—
Almost two years already.
My, how time flies!
Our love never dies.

We are always having fun,
From bad trouble—
We’ll run.
To stay away,
From stressful situations that may—
Come to play.

Tags: family, friends, friendship

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