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Are You Mad At Me?

Are you mad at me?
For letting you down,
When you needed,
My personality?

When you needed my to bowl?
When my body has other ideas,
And this isn’t something,
I can control?

I should have been there,
In case—
So remaining in 1st place,
The lead we on’t—
Have to chase.

I <3 helping out,
Without a dout.
But when I’m in pain,
It’s energy drain. ☹

Will you need me,
Next Wednesday?
To direct the victory?
Using the standart Resort bowling,
Our scores will go up-scrolling.

Did I upset the balance?
Do I get another chance?
I didn’t know you needed me,
As I didn’t hear you
Mention that,
To me.
Tags: after dinner, feelings, friends, let down, mad at myself, spring, tournament, wednesday night, wii bowling, writer's block

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