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Used to be springfield, Illinois,
At the Mary Bryant Home for the Blind,
With unwanted noise.
Yes, in someone I went to school with,
She crashed my wedding,
That I didn’t appreciate—
Not this thing,
Strong towards her,
Was my hate.

Such awful food,
None of it—
Really tasted good,
Not like home cooking,
Hard to visit family—
Due to distance,
Even time booking.

Used to be Jacksonville, Illinois,
When I was first married—
Oh, the joys!
Air mattress fun,
A few days’ vacation—
From the Eden Champaign,
Never-ending boredom.

Marriage life,
Yes, it ended with—
Lots of strife.
Nothing I started,
My ex wanted me gone,
Without asking why—
Yes, I departed.

Spending the holidays of late November-December 2016,
Was a dream.
My mom and I cooked together,
We were an awesome team.
I helped with laundry,
Took care of our last puppy.
Her name was Chewie,
How I miss that baby!
We gave her up for adoption,
Because mom and dad—
Moved again.

And, now—
Oh, wow!
I call Deer Path home,
I’m never alone!
I have a wonderful boyfriend,
Our fun together,
Never has an end.

I <3 where I am,
I’m happy as—
A little clam.
Adventures galore,
Wonder If going outside,
Will happen today—
Unlike yesterday,
Today will be wormer,
A few degrees more.
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