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How Cerebal Palsy Runs My Life

Not very well can I see,
Don’t have good vision—
To go out,
Not at night.

To help me write,
A speech program on the computer,
Sheds typing light.
Without it, I’m lost,
If I try to type—
In the dark frost.

The elevator problems, I can’t tell—
Can’t see the uneven floor—
Not at all well.
Elevator #2 is bad,
What can I do?

You bet I can hear it bounce,
Like a lion getting ready—
To pounce.
Before its prey,
Has a chance—
To run away.

This is scary,
If you ask me—
I feel like a wimp,
Trying to hide,
From the device that
Makes going to each floor,
Usually a smooth glide..

Before it stops,
You can’t get off,
It must announce.
Yes, I can hear that sound,
Feel it all around.
Oh, joy—
Another broken—
Riding toy.

Today, I smelled burnt rubber,
Not flubber.
“How dare you?” I cried,
My crutch tip got snatched,
Off my crutch,
It became detached.

“Help!” I cried,
Everyone I told the elevator saga to,
Knew I hadn’t lied.
I touched my crutch,
Where the tip was,
I do need it so much.

Going to lunch, I could taste,
Fish that wasn’t—
Going to waste.
I was angry,
But also hungry.
I was walking on eggshells,
On one side—
How dangerous it was!
My friends could tell.

My mom said she’d bring replacements,
Could it wait—
Yes, if I could get a temporary fix,
And I did—
Which sticks.

No longer on eggshells,
Life is swell.
I feel whole,
Though my balance—
Has control.

All four senses heightened,
Because not very well,
Can I see---
I’m sharing this story,
With others around me.
If it happens to you—
On canes, walkers, or crutches—
Tell someone right away,
Is best to do.
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