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Americans With Disabilities Act Mess

What a mess,
The ADA is in danger,
I guess.
My bestie told me,
Since he’d seen the news—
On TV.

Something about changing it—
Doing away with it.
That’s not good,
If lawmakers were in our shoes,
Why we needs it—
Would be understood.

This set of law,
Is a good cause.
It means equality in schools,
That’s the rule.
Accessibility to get around,
Anywhere in town.

Yes, my boyfriend told me,
Last night,
You see.
Inacted in 1990,
It’s easy to see.

No wonder schools were in the wrong,
When I began kindergarten—
I remember being lifted onto the bus,
Because the stairs were—
A mess,

Today is better,
Yes, it’s everywhere.
What will we do,
If the ADA gets the boot?
Tags: americans with disabilities act, disabilities, disability, government, lawmakers, laws, scrap

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