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Too Much Rain

Oh, the pain!
My legs ache—
My balance,
Is a-shake.
We’re having,
Too much rain.

I know it’s so early,
For all this rain.
It washed away the snow,
It had to go.

I <3 spring,
Time to go walking.
With my best friend,
The fun never,
Has to end.

While rain waters the earth,
Our wii bowing team—
Is reigning down,
Our 1st place last week—
Though scores,
Seemed to stink.

No other team’s close to us,
Stepping in—
To make the score grow,
I must.
Bestie, I ask—
Tonight’s tournament play,
Is there a spot for me today?

If I play,
Rain outside—
Will evaporate away.
You guys need me,
I’m always there—
You see.
Tags: cloudy, disability, february, first place, flooding, friends, hurting, rain, season, snow melt, spring, tuesday morning, warm, weather, wii bowling

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