Our 8th Win

Let the fun begin,
Yesterday afternoon—
Was our eighth win!
Against the Cardinals,
We knocked them down—
Damage was minimal.

Today’s a new day,
The mountain way.
A weekend series,
With the Colorado Rockies.

For the weekend,
Off to Denver—
This will be a time,
To remember.

Their record is 11 wins,
With 9 losses;
Thus, we’re the bosses.
Our hope is,
Sweep the series—
Any quearies?

I think the game’s on channel nine,
At a crazy time.
Twenty to eight,
I’m glad it’s not—
Too late.

This mountain we’ll climb,
It’s butt whomping time!
The sweep is looming,
Our bats will be zooming.

Rockies, meet thy doom,
Say “hello” to—
My little broom!
All weekend long,
I hope we sing—
Our victory song.

It’s A Sunny Thursday For a Cubs Victory

It’s a sunny day,
A funny play.
Yes, let me say—
Happy Thursday.

It’s a great day,
I’m ready—
To play.
Send the “redbirds” packing,
Time for the Cubs—
To quit slacking,
And do some smacking,
And snacking.

I <3 this weather,
The snow’s gone,
No wind,
To blow a feather.

Only to shoot home runs,
Like rockets—
That came out,
Of my pockets.

It’s a great day,
To play—
The Cubbie way.
I’m ready for a win,
Let the home runs BEGIN!

Pollen count must be high,
Oh, my!
I’m not outdoors,
And I’m sneezing—
More and more.

I want to see,
A much-needed
which is my cry,

No more slumps,
We’re not chumps.
Let’s watch the game,
This afternoon—
Do you feel the same?

Once More, No Baseball

Snowflakes fall,
Once more—
No baseball.
I know the calendar says—
“It’s spring, and the month is April,”
But in the air—
There is a chill.

It feels like fall,
Mid to late October,
The seasons are mixed up—
That’s all.
Enough is enough.

Where is the sun?
Where’s the fun?
Why isn’t it warm?
Over the snow,
Any day—
I’ll take a thunderstorm.

Please, Mother Nature,
I need a cure.
My body aches,
Thanks to the weather,
Yes, mistakes.

I am wearing my Cubs shirt,
Was ready to hear—
“Ball in the dirt.”
Alas, www.weather.com says,
Winter today, yes.

Winter weather advisory,
Can it be?
Some accumulation of snow,
Measuring in inches—
Maybe 3.

I want spring,
I don’t ask—
Too much,
Of anything.

I don’t care,
What the forecast says—
Winter’s not done,
I guess.

Tomorrow better be a good day,
For the Cubs to play.
This mess of snow and ice,
Isn’t nice.
It mustn’t stay,
It needs to—
Go away.

Let’s Try This Again, Shall We?

Let’s try this again,
Shall we?
For, today is sunny,
Beating the Cardinals—
Tonight woul,
Be too funny.

The game is at 7:05,
On NBC Sports Chicago—
And, guess who’s back?

Now, with his return—
The Cardinals must learn.
When the big bats,
Come to play—
You will pay.

The game time start will be chilly,
No more snor, thankfully.
I’ll take a win,
Making the Cardinals’ heads spin.
Since we’re no longer 2nd from the bottom,
Let’s play long ball,
We got the “red birds,
Where we want ‘em.

There’s a price to pay,
When the Cardinals
Step on our turf—
That’s all,
I have to say.

After two unscheduled off days,
Due to Mother Nature’s ways—
Let’s play ball,
Since the Cardinals—
Have come,
To call.

All we’ll be battling is,
Chilly temps,
And winds.
The field should be dry,
The snow melting—

I’m ready for the birds,
To destroy those turds.
Send them to the basement,
Where their time,
Will be spent.