A Mother’s Day Getaway

I can’t wait for Sunday,
For my getaway.
Yes, I’m taking Sean with me,
To the house;
So he can see.

Enjoying Mom’s cooking,
We must—
Without even looking.

The weather better be nice,
For an outside adventure—
A trip,
About taking—
I’m not
Thinking twice.

But, first Mom comes today,
For an early Mother’s Day.
Here at Deer Path,
The party about an hour—
And ½?

Got to get my dresser flipped,
For, summer warmth will be here—
In a bit.
Don’t want to wear clothes too warm,
All wet with sweat—
Like being washed away,
In a bad storm.

To The Bottom And Back Up

OK, my life hasn’t been all fun.
Rock bottom was hit in late 2015.
That actually was near the end of that year. You could say my then husband left me. We were living in a section 8 housing complex for the elderly and disabled. I never caught him cheating, and I wasn’t doing any of that stuff myself.) actually, there’d be times when he’d leave me—going to visit our friends, who lived on the same floor; however, he wouldn’t return for a day or more. Before leaving, he’d force me to choose between letting him help or being on my own. He’d give me an ultimatum. Of the several times he walked out on me, there was a few instances where he’d mentally break down—blaming it on me.
I’m glad I’m out of that mess. I’m now with the most amazing guy, who I unconditionally love. Our love for one another grows more and more day by day. He wants to accompany me to any of my appointments—that is, when my mom is available to take me. I hope he can come with me at 9AM Wednesday to my appointment for getting my new AFOs made.

Pain In The Legs

I’m not hurting,
From sitting
On the couch.

My legs are aching,
From old braces,
That seem to
Be braking.

Sure, my allergies are firing,
But, I can tell—
My legs are swelling—
And this is so tiring.

I’m not going anywhere,
Just to get trimmed—
Yes, my hair.
Luckily, that’s just in the building,
Outside today,
I don’t want to be going.

I’m going to try to be still,
What a thrill!
Wish this pain would go away,
Never to return—
Not even on another day.

Braces And Crutches

Braces are fulling apart,
My right ankle is
Beginning to smart.
Feels like they’re falling off,
No matter how slow I walk.

Feels like my shoes won’t fit,
My legs feel wobbly,
And hurt
A bit.

My crutches—
They’re falling apart,
The tips are so worn down,
The protective covering—
On the arm cuffs
Is ripping,
Makes me want to frown.

A week from today,
I have an appointment—
Getting new braces made.
Hopefully, ordering crutches, too—

I’m thinking shoes will be next,
Can’t buy from a shoe store,
Not wide enough,
Wide ones are best.

All the hazards of having CP,
I hope my boyfriend—
Will go with me.
Appointment’s at 9,
Because the brace molding
Takes time.

I'm Home!

I can’t wait until Sunday. It’s a short ride (45 minutes to my parents’ house in Walworth, Wisconsin. Just hop on interstate 47 for a bit, then hit highway 14/Northwest Highway. In no time fat, we’ll arrive at my mom’s hous—Sean and I. she’s inviting us up to spend the day—working in the yard, as long as the rain and chilly weather stay away. Ultimately, this is something we’re both looking forward to, as we haven’t been away from Deer Path—for long, other than when Mom runs us to do shopping, go out to eat, or if one of us has a doctor appointment.
It’s going to be a nice change of scenery. Sure, we’ll have to bring our meds with us, but it’ll be a day off from the same old food. Home cooking’s what we seek, before my mom’s schedule gets busy with the puppy. Our help with him, I know she’ll seek. It’ll give Sean a change of scenery—learning new territory, feeling free and not closed from the world. I think we both are ready for this weekend getaway.

Upcoming Adventures

I can’t wait,
For our out-of-state,
Yes, we’re going out of town—
For a one day
Gardening playdate.

For one day,
We’ll be stress free—
A new adventure,
For you and me.

I am going to show you the town,
What I love to do,
Maybe a tradition—
For me and you.

Going home for a day,
Not the sea,
Or the bay.
I’m sorry,
It’s not the beach—
But a nature retreat.
Gardening fun,
I hope with sun.

I hope the weather’s nice,
Taking you on this adventure—
I’m not thinking twice.
A new sight for you to see,
So you’re not cabin jittery.

Working in the yard,
Beating Mom at UNO—
Doesn’t that sound like
A good way to go?

This is a good day,
For us to spend
A holiday.
I want to show you a way
To have a good time,
Doing good deeds—
For family---
On Sunday.

I hope the Cubs play,
On WGN that day.
We can cuddle on Mom’s couch,
Watching the game—
That part of our routine,
Will be the same.


A few weeks from today,
Mom and dad pick up
The new puppy.
I can’t wait,
This’ll be great!

Too bad we don’t get to pick the pup,
That would be more than enough.
I wish the puppy was here,
That would make—
My year.

In the meantime,
You’re mine.
We can dream of the puppy—
With picks we get,
From Mom’s phone—
Making us feel—
The puppy’s
Our own.

Busy schedules stand in front,
To get ready for the day—
That ends the
Puppy hunt.

We can get ready with practice—
Walking other people’s dogs,
So we know what to do,
And we’re not jumping—
Like frogs.

I’m looking forward to this,
An experience—
I wouldn’t miss.
What a fun summer,
This will be—
Not a bummer!

Thought adoption day,
Is a few weeks away—
I can’t wait,
This is going
To be great.

Irony And Desire

When I moved to Deer Path last year, I had a crush on one guy in particular. I was lonely at the time, just looking for friendship. Because of the issues that happened in my parriage, it was hard for me to be able to trust another guy with my life again. Honestly, I didn’t really want to have to re-live the pain that I’d been through all over again. Having my hear broken once already was more than enough for me.
I am now going to admit something that no one else would probably believe. When I first saw Sean “MixingK” Keffer from a distance, I had a crush on him for sure. I wondered if getting to know him was going to fill the emptiness. I could tell that he was probably feeling emptiness, too. Nothing was more amazing than finally being able to meet the guy that I’d been thinking about—only seeing him from a little distance away.
Now, I couldn’t be happier. We’re together forever. Who knows what else will come our way. I want to marry the guy I had a crush on some day. I have a crush on you still, Sean Keffer. Nothing’s ever going to change that—no matter what obstacles may come our way. I hope we can remain together forever—needless of whatever health challenges either one of us could possible endure throughout our lives.
I am glad we’ll be together forever, having many an-adventure. Mom wants us to come by next weekend. Still no further details about that trip. All I know is it’ll be a good time, needless of how we do it. It’ll be ful being with the guy I love. Nothing would make me happier. I won’t have a care in the world because the two of us fit perfectly together—like a new baseball glove.

Together, Adventure

Together, we always have,
A unique adventure.
On this beautiful day,
We can walk the
Afternoon away.

It’s sunny outside,
No baseball
Until tonight.
It’d be awesome to,
Watch the game—
By your side.

I love doing anything with you,
To get away from
This “zoo”.
Nothing I wouldn’t rather do,
Enjoying the day—

Sunny is today,
Wish I had strength—
To walk a long way.
Needless, I know I don’t have the energy,
As these allergies,
Are messing with me.

Watching CBS,
The schedule’s a mess.
“Lucky Dog” wasn’t on at 9,
I wonder—
Did the network,
Change the time?

Watching Dr. Chris, Pet Vet—
A singing Dalmatian—
How odd do things get?
A dog with laryngitis,
Are you
Watching this?


Save the date—
Not, it’s not
Too late.
My mom’s going to whisk us away—
Next Sunday.
If that’s OK?

She needs gardening help—
From both of us,
Rather than being bored—
On the shelf;
Therefore, I wouldn’t want to leave
You here alone—
By yourself.

Wouldn’t that be fun,
For a few hours—
To be on the run?
Us together,
I hope there’ll be
Perfect weather.

Mom wants to get this done,
Before adoption of the 4-legged
Little one.
She won’t know,
For two weeks or so.
Which one we get,
I can’t wait—
You bet.

I’m looking forward to it,
Helping Mom out a bit.
Bothering Dad,
Playing Uno—
Beating Mom,
So bad.