Dark In The Middle Of The Day

Peak time is 1,
The moon will block
The sun.
Solar eclipse,
I’m glad I won’t misss.

I know you feel loopy,
Because of the new meds;
However, I don’t like
What they do to you—
When you get sick. . .
Boy, does that scare me!

I hope you don’t fel sick today,
So we can play,
Even see the eclipse—
Yes, later today.


It’s supposed to get quite warm today. The temperatures are supposed to reach the upper 80s. we haven’t seen these temperatures for a while. Much of the summer has been mild, but not super hot.
A bit odd for Illinois in the summer.
Untill today, of course.
It’s going to get warm again. I guess we were asking for it, especially after having comfortable weather for so long. Summer must be attempting to throw in a few more super warm day before fizzling out and changing seasons entirely.
Nothing would be more awesome if me and Sean can spend some time outside to enjoy this weather. I think it may rain tomorrow, making it impossible for us to even think about sitting outside for a while to enjoy the weather.

August Heat

It’s supposed to be warm,
I hope bugs
Don’t swarm.
Don’t want to get bitten,
But you are smitten.

Hanging outside,
Even when the sun
Tries to hide.
That’s what I ❤,
You fit like
A glove.

What do you want to do today?
Watch the Cubs play?
After I beat you at bowling,
While my scores
Keep rolling.

With you,
This is fun
To do.
Xtreme Waterparks tonight,
In the moon’s light.
Go outside,
After I win,
To attempt to cool off—
After the wild ride,
I put you in.

Don’t Leave Me—Not Overnight

If you want to leave me—
To have ear surgery,
Do you want me to be
So lonely?

Without you,
For a day
Or two?
Even if you go on vacation—
To Florida again.

I can tell you’d want to get the ear fixed,
Being away from me for a few days.
Is that what you want?
To leave me as Ron did?
See if I care,
I can tell
You don’t want me there.

I’m not OK ,
with the idea of you being gone,
For long—
More than a day,.
To get your ear fixed,
Even go on vacation,
Away from me—
You must want me to relive what Ron put me through,
I must be jinxed.

How do you think I feel,
About possibly being alone—
Without you for a day or two?
Who am I going to cuddle—
To feel safe a little?

You’re focused on what you want,
Not how I feel.
I’m scared—
For you to have surgery,
Because you’ll be away from me—
I can see,
That you want me
To be—

A Very Lonely And Sad Morning

It’s a sad and lonely morning,
It’s not pouring.

I’m not liking being without my bestie,
Because he makes me happy.
But I miss him so,
Because off he had
To go.

I feel like I’m not wanted,
Like how Ron left me—
Very unhappy.

Don’t want to be alone—
Even if,
To Florida—
You decide to roam.

I miss you to much,
This morning—
More than a bunch.

I feel like you want to go,
Away from me—
Leaving me like Ron did,
You know?

If more meds you get,
You’ll want nothing to do with me—
I bet.
OK, then I’ll just go,
Until you want me around—
You know.

Dance Party

Dance party after dinner,
Sounds like a winner.
Seeing a dance show,
Before bed-
Is the way to go.

Dance show before Star Trek: The Next Generation,
Will be like a concert vacation.
To try to ease this pain,
My body’s telling me—
It is going
To rain.

But before the party,
Oh, I am a smarty!
Baseball day,
Seeing the Cubs play.

I’d ❤ to do this with you,
Though my muscles hurt—
It’s true.
I think it’s going to rain,
Once again.